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How to Prevent Boring Office Meetings

Let’s be honest: office meetings can be a huge waste of time. Listening to your boss babble about things that have little to do with you can affect your productivity and put you in a bad mood. Not to mention, meetings tend to go the same way every time. You complain about the things that aren’t working in the company, you struggle to come up with some ideas, and resume the meeting with more work than you can deliver.

But, that doesn’t have to be the standard recipe for office meetings. Here are some ideas that can help keep employees alert and engaged during an important meeting.

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Why Hand-Written Notes Strengthen Client Relationships

The digital age has made communication simple and convenient. Especially during the holidays, when you need to prepare next year’s strategy, revise the budget, analyze the results of this year’s campaigns, and many other things, it’s easy just to send a mass email to your clients.

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Ways to maintain your New Year’s Resolution for a Sustainable Office

There’s almost something therapeutic about beginnings. A clean slate, a new day or the beginning of a new year prompts us to erase bad habits and look for ways to improve ourselves. 

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Five Ways to Reduce Corporate Waste

We probably don’t have to tell you why you need to reduce corporate waste, but here it goes. First things first, you are contributing to making the world a better place and protecting the environment from pollution and overcrowded landfills. At the same time, you’re also improving your business efficiency by spending less on supplies you don’t need.

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That one time Double A met OK GO

This relationship, like most great ones, began with a shared love of creativity. 

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How to Have Fewer Breakdowns on Your Office Inkjet Printer

Do you remember the ink-blotter you used as a kid? It was an excellent tool for cleaning all the ink marks your fountain pen left. While these are sweet memories, you probably don’t want your printed work documents to look as messy as your old school notebooks.

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