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Earning a Sustainable Reputation

Your reputation truly does precede you, and earning a sustainable reputation is a difficult but worthwhile process. 

As an executive, you determine the reputation of yourself and your company. You can affect this reputation through marketing, demographic targeting, the products you sell, and even the policies and initiatives you choose to back and take part in. This is where a sustainable reputation is built, and these are the categories you must take into account while forming your company’s identity. By being consistent, you can easily showcase your sustainable reputation.

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How to Prevent Boring Office Meetings

Let’s be honest: office meetings can be a huge waste of time. Listening to your boss babble about things that have little to do with you can affect your productivity and put you in a bad mood. Not to mention, meetings tend to go the same way every time. You complain about the things that aren’t working in the company, you struggle to come up with some ideas, and resume the meeting with more work than you can deliver.

But, that doesn’t have to be the standard recipe for office meetings. Here are some ideas that can help keep employees alert and engaged during an important meeting.

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Why Hand-Written Notes Strengthen Client Relationships

The digital age has made communication simple and convenient. Especially during the holidays, when you need to prepare next year’s strategy, revise the budget, analyze the results of this year’s campaigns, and many other things, it’s easy just to send a mass email to your clients.

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