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Cut Corporate Waste with These Eco-friendly Practices

Unless governments, industries, and individuals make dedicated efforts to lower their consumption and shrink their carbon footprint, global waste will triple by 2100. The amount of garbage that human beings generate is unsustainable, and it’s killing the planet and people, too; 7 million die every year from pollution. 

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How to Recoup from a Mistake at the Office

Let’s face it; everyone makes office mistakes, but when you’re the one whose guffaw has them on the proverbial chopping block, clichés are weak. Instead of trying to soothe yourself with tired platitudes, there are active steps you can take to restore your reputation and boost your confidence. Studies show that people who take action after they’ve been knocked down have less anxiety and higher self-esteem than people who don’t. But what’s the most effective way to own up to and move on from office mistakes? Read on for some quick and efficient survival tips.

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Executive Assistants: Wow Your Boss

As an executive assistant, you’re not just a gatekeeper. In today’s hypercompetitive environment, you’re required to wear many hats. Technology has advanced exponentially in recent years, and with so many essential, newfangled products in the digital world, an executive assistant’s function within the business organization is more important and valuable than ever before. Someone has to stay on top of all the organizational apps, tools, communications, and marketing platforms, and that person is the executive assistant. 

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Sustainable Business Resources

Sustainable Corporate Practices

Have you ever wondered, "How do you create environmentally-friendly paper?" At Double A, it's simple. We start with our Paper-Tree seedlings that produce the highest quality pulp. We know that you create environmentally-friendly paper by prioritizing sustainability from the ground up. Watch how we partnered with Thai farmers to achieve this:

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Regaining Focus At Work: A Step-By-Step Process

We’ve all been there. You’re at work, you’ve got a deadline coming up, and you just can’t seem to pay attention. You can’t focus. You’re distracted by your phone, your coworkers, or even by thinking about lunch.

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How to Make Your Next Presentation Memorable and Actionable

Tell us if this sounds familiar:

You have an important meeting tomorrow morning, and you’re reviewing the information you plan on presenting to the client. The stakes are high and, if everything goes well, you could be bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of business to your company. However, you’re not sure about the presentation.

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