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The Zero Waste Movement: Is It Possible?

You’ve heard the term Zero Waste before, but is it really an achievable goal? The Zero Waste movement was officially kicked off by Warren Snow at the 2000 Zero Waste Conference in New Zealand. It was the first movement of its kind, although it had been brewing for some time before that. This approach strives to eliminate all waste from our daily lives. That includes packaging for food, clothing, cosmetics, toys, home decor, and other consumables, since this packaging is typically made from non-biodegradable plastics or other non-sustainable, polluting material.

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The Core of Double A

We could tell you that Double A is a leader in the paper industry. We could tell you that our premium paper is used worldwide by large businesses and small offices alike. We could tell you that we produce jam-free paper that doesn’t leave residue in your office printer like other brands do. And we are and do all these things.

But what we would really like to share with you is our company’s vision… because a high-quality, premium paper is only a portion of what Double A is about.

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