That one time Double A met OK GO

This relationship, like most great ones, began with a shared love of creativity. 

Over-the-top artistic energy was put into the brand collaboration that birthed the “Obsession for Smoothness” campaign, featuring OK Go’s hit-song, “Obsession.” As lead vocalist Damain Kulash recalls, it all started when a friend who works with Double A said, “We want to do weird projects. What would you do with tons, tons, tons of paper? What if we could give you a lot of paper?” 

His response at first was little hesitant. Naturally, he wanted to make sure if the video used a crazy amount of paper, we had a way to recycle it and remain true to Double A’s eco-friendly nature. So, after we assured him that it would all be recycled before the video release, he gladly agreed and OK Go began to work their magic.

Two Years in the Making

As the saying goes, good things do not come easy. This remained true during the making of this video. The “World’s First Paper Mapping” technology was put on display in “Obsession,” making the video visually appealing and viral material – getting over 11M views. The creative concept of “paper mapping” allowed OK GO to have fun experimenting with movement. Using 567 printers, we were able to bring this to concept to life. And we began to realize that we stumbled on an industry first!

The other key aspect of the video was the no-jam paper. This feature is built into the Double A Paper brand, and the smoothness of our paper allowed the printers to run and perform (some say dance) on screen. It took a team of talented creatives to make this project a success, including:

  • Jin Saito, Creative director, SIX Inc. – Japan’s award-winning advertising agency
  • Daito Manabe, founder of Rhizomatiks Research and director of Rhizomatiks Research
  • MIKIKO, the choreographer behind many memorable music videos

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Work Hard, Play Smart

“Obsession for Smoothness” introduces our brand mantra to the US – Work Hard, Play Smart.

At Double A, we believe in adding fun into your everyday routine. This collaboration between Double A and OK GO demonstrates Double A’s new approach in reaching out to a new generation of target groups using the universal appeal of music.

We Want to Hear from You

Now that we have made an impression, we’d like to hear more from you! Have you tried some of our paper? If you have, how are you using it? Is it for your home office? Are you displaying the quality of your professional documents with this multi-purpose paper? Or are you using it in a more traditional business sense; enjoying the cost-effective quality that is built into each sheet? If you haven’t, make sure to request a sample! This is only the beginning.

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