The Quality Double A Brings to the Table

As a business leader and influencer, you recognize just how important quality is in everything you do. From your actual product, all the way to the businesses you associate with on social media, everything you do is done with a certain level of quality assurance.

But what if one part of your daily business actually greatly affected the world in a negative manner and also made you look less professional over time? If this is a major concern for you, then you may want to consider switching your paper usage over to a quality brand, such as Double A. By using an environmentally-conscious, sustainable, and high-quality paper product, you can showcase your support for green business fundamentals and deliver a better product to your employees, clients, and potential customers without fail.

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The Benefits of Using Double A Paper Over Other Paper Brands

Although you may already agree that sustainable and high-quality paper products are essential within your business strategy, you may still wonder what separates Double A paper products from others currently on the market. Why choose Double A over the myriad of other paper products worldwide that boast green-centric ideals and materials?

Fortunately, the answer is actually quite simple: the material’s source. Unlike other green-forward paper brands currently on the market, Double A doesn’t simply just replace the trees they’ve used but has also developed its own tree strain that is optimal for sustainability functions and actually helps local farmers in Thailand as well.

The Double A Paper-Tree requires little to no maintenance and yields a large sum of mature trees every three to five years. Furthermore, this strain of paper trees also thrives off of the tropical climate of Thailand, making them easy to farm at low costs. In fact, according to the International Trade Centre, the agricultural sector in Thailand accounts for 49% of its total labor force. Double A supports 1.5 million Thai farmers by offering additional income to plant the paper trees in their unused spaces, generating a supplemental income that is put back into the community.

Lastly, this patented tree strain was created with care and precision. In fact, over 2,500 variations were tested over the last 25 years by Double A until the perfect strain was developed and perfected even further, making this paper not just highly sustainable, but also of higher quality than its competitors.

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What Makes Double A Paper Optimal for Business?

While the sustainability and environmental causes associated with Double A paper will help your business by association, this is not the only way that Double A paper proves its worth to business professionals each and every day.

The material source is high quality, so you can expect only the best. Unlike other paper you may use currently within your business, Double A paper does not jam in printers, is acid-free, has a low ash content that helps printers last longer, and has an even, high-density surface that allows for incredibly sharp printing jobs, even when printing double-sided.

Furthermore, with 30 million fibers per gram, Double A paper is extremely smooth and is also a bright white color that stands out from its competitors without fail. Gone are the days of bland, flimsy paper print jobs being sent to your employees and clients. Instead, you can send out a paper product that is not only quality, but also promotes an eco-conscious cause that you and your business are now associated with.

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s no wonder why businesses are switching to Double A paper for their offices and reaping the benefits of high quality paper with low-impact effects on the environment. Perhaps it’s time you do the same and see the results that come from being invested in a paper company that’s invested in you—and the world.