6 Ways the Quality of Double A Outperforms Competitors

Here at Double A, we believe in bringing sustainable and responsibly-sourced paper products to market. But while we’ve achieved an unprecedented level of sustainable business practices in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry, we haven’t sacrificed quality for the environment.

Double A uses pulp from its very own Double A Paper-tree to produce some of the most beautiful quality copy paper you can get at affordable prices. While the competition is devastating natural forests for pulp, or employing harsh chemicals to remove ink, Double A is giving to the environment with their trees. Furthermore, Double A pays farmers and schools to plant and maintain the trees until harvest time, when Double A repurchases the trees. The farmer’s and school’s profits made from harvesting the trees are used to boost the local economy and invigorate the education system.

The paper industry is one of the biggest polluters and water wasters in the world, but Double A has their own reservoir, which is used to collect rain water during the rainy season. Double A’s reservoir sustains the local economy and waters the Double A trees. Double A’s tree pulp is also squeezed for excess water, which is then circulated back into the manufacturing process, so no water is wasted. Double A’s sustainable and Earth-friendly manufacturing process has created high-quality copy paper and paper products that outperform their less environmentally-conscious competitors.

1. Paper That Doesn’t Jam

In an independent test, Double A Paper was run through a printer at one page per second for 24 hours straight without a single jam.

2. Copiers Love It

If you feed low-quality paper into a copier, it will shorten the shelf-life of the machine. But Double A Paper is made with a low ash content. Low-ash content keeps the copier moving, prolonging its shelf-life and maintaining the machine’s productivity.

3. Double-sided Paper Saves Trees

Double A’s high-quality copy paper is made with the finest pulp fibers and is manufactured so each sheet is durable and opaque. You can print on both sides of the page without any see-through effect, meaning you’ll use fewer sheets and therefore, fewer trees. Without any see-through effect, your documents will maintain a professional look. Double-sided documents will also cut down on the amount of storage you’ll need to archive your paperwork.

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4. Long-lasting

Double A quality copy paper is made acid-free, so your important documents will resist fading over time.

5. Crisp and Accurate Copies

A low-ash content means your copies will be as sharp as the original, whether you’re printing in black and white or with color.

6. Bright

Double A’s quality copy paper is brighter than its competitors, meaning your prints will turn out with high contrast and catch and hold the eye of the viewer.

7. Modern Manufacturing

Global warming and climate change are a severe threat to everyone, individuals and businesses alike. It’s not realistic to go all digital, and paper documents and correspondence are still required to conduct day-to-day affairs. But, obtaining and using paper doesn’t have to harm the environment.

Double A is leading the way in Earth-friendly and modern manufacturing processes. By using Double A paper, you’re voting with your pocketbook that you want the manufacturing industry to practice environmentally-friendly methods when obtaining and manufacturing goods. Double A isn’t just friendly to the environment; it supports local economies and also brings high-quality paper products to individuals and businesses like you. Contact Double A Paper today and support the environment, the local economy, and copiers and printers today.