The Most Common Questions We Hear from Commercial Print Shops

Double-A Paper is a revolutionary company building a better tomorrow through sustainable business practices. Our paper is made from the pulp of our proprietary Double A paper tree, a uniform and straight-trunked tree planted between rice paddy crevices. The tree regenerates quickly and doesn’t shed harmful, decomposing leaves. The Double-A tree is good for the environment and using the paper harvested from it is an excellent way to incorporate sustainable practices into your business plans. Below are several frequently asked questions we hear from our interested customers.

How is the quality of Double-A Paper? 

Double-A Paper is one of the highest-quality paper products on the market. Our paper is made with 30 million per gram fibers, and you can feel the difference in the final product. The sheets are incredibly smooth.

Does it run well through the printers with no jamming?

Frustrated with papers that jam? We understand how irritating and time consuming that is. With Double-A Paper, you won’t experience any problems here. In an independent test, Double-A Papers were run through a printer at one sheet per second for 24 hours without a single jam. You won’t find smoothness and precision like that anywhere else on the market.

What do you do if a problem occurs?

Our team of dedicated customer service representatives is available to answer any of your questions or concerns. We also offer free samples of Double-A Paper so you can try it first without committing. 

Do you have the paper in stock, and how often does it come through?

Double-A products are responsibly sourced, manufactured, and distributed to our partners and affiliates. To find a supplier near you, visit this page. Our products are always in stock, and you don’t have to worry about running out.

Are the products available on a regular basis? 

Yes, all of our products can be obtained on a regular basis. To get started, contact one of our many suppliers today.

What does the supply chain look like? Does Double A Paper have a sustainable supply?

Absolutely. At Double-A Paper, we believe in creating sustainable, environmentally-friendly product supply chains that give back to the local community. Our products are sourced from our Double-A Paper-tree, which is gentle on the environment.  Local farmers maintain the trees in between rice paddy crevices and are paid a fee for doing so. The trees regenerate every 3 – 5 years, which is a fast growth cycle, and allows us to cultivate the pulp without stressing the environment.

We don’t waste anything during the manufacturing process. All waste is converted to biomass fuels that power the local factory. And, we use less water when manufacturing our products than our competitors.

Double-A Paper also helps to invigorate the local economy. Farmers can plant Double-A trees on their unused land and earn money to support themselves and their families. Double-A also contributes to local school funding. Schools can plant our trees on their property. Once the trees are mature, we purchase them from the schools, who then use the funds for materials and classroom improvements. 

Double-A Paper is a modern and progressive company spearheading the way businesses can champion the environment and support local economies. As a business owner, with our products you’ll get smooth, precise prints and no jamming when you use Double A paper. Contact us today and see what we can do for your business.