The Right Paper for Your High-Speed Inkjet

While a couple of paper jams during thousand-page print runs is typical, it’s undoubtedly irritating if you’re in a rush or the middle of an important project. Jams are only rarer today because people do less printing than they used to, thanks to digital technology. But, it’s impossible to go completely paperless. And many businesses still rely on industrial-level, high-speed inkjet printing operations to run their business.

If you’ve ever experienced a paper jam, you know how frustrating it is. Time seems to move faster when you’re wrestling with a stubborn printer or copier. But how can you avoid paper jams in the first place? Even if you’re using a new, top-of-the-line inkjet printer, if you feed it garbage, you’ll experience a higher than average volume of jams. You know what they say: garbage in, garbage out – and it’s no different when feeding your printer or copier.

Success starts with high-quality materials. If you want to avoid paper jams and increase your efficiency at the office, you need to source for high-quality inkjet printer paper.

Why does poor-quality paper cause problems for printers and copiers?

Your inkjet printer is a sleek device. The machinery inside is precise, and it requires all inputs to be correct before it can deliver quality work. If even one tiny factor is off, the entire printing process will go awry.

Poor printer paper can leave behind large bits and pieces of paper in the printer. Large pieces will get stuck and thus, jam the machine. But even if you don’t have large bits of paper that are causing the printer or copier to jam, you may have an issue with paper dust. And dust, once it accumulates, will jam an inkjet printer or copier machine.

A paper that’s of low-quality will shed more dust than high-quality paper. If you use low-quality paper, over time, the dust will accumulate, and it’s incredibly frustrating to deal with. It’s not like you can see the dust inside of the machine. After you check the loading tray or replace cartridges and rollers and the printer is still jammed, accumulated paper dust may be to blame.

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How can you prevent the accumulation of paper dust?

The number one way to make your life easier at the office is to prevent the causes of a problem in the first place. Prevention is worth every ounce of cure, and if you don’t take the proper precautions to avoid a printer jam upfront, you’ll end up losing time, productivity, and money when dealing with a preventable paper jam. Invest in your business by using high-quality printer paper.

Why is Double A inkjet printer paper worth the investment?

Double A printer paper is made of the highest quality of environmentally friendly ingredients. The paper has a low ash content and sheds less jam-causing dust due to the high-quality pulp used in the manufacturing process. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about large pieces of paper tearing off inside the inkjet printer. With Double A Paper, tears just don’t happen.

In an independently run test, Double A inkjet printer paper was run through a copier at one sheet per second for an entire day. Not a single jam occurred.

If you’re tired of the headaches and frustration of inkjet printer jams, prevent the source of the problem from gaining a foothold. Make the switch to Double A’s high-quality inkjet printer paper today, and prevent jamming your printer again.