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Looking for high quality, earth-friendly paper?

The Double A Difference

Our name stands for Double Quality because we work to provide superior paper quality and superior sustainability practices throughout our organization.


DA Package
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Environmentally-Friendly Paper

No Paper Jam

No Paper Jam

Sharp Printing

Sharp Printing

Smoothest Paper

The Smoothest Paper

Bright and White

Bright and White

Friendly to Copiers

Friendly to Copiers


Double-Sided Perfection

Lasts Longest

Lasts Longest

Your customers want more than just a premium paper. They want a promise that we’ll help keep the earth healthy for generations to come. We deliver. At Double A, we go beyond just making our customers happy – we want to make the planet happy, too. Our vision is simple: “Better Paper, Better World.”

And that translates into better business for all of us.

Join our mission and experience the Double A difference today! Now available through Amazon.

Sustainability Beyond the Seeds

When it comes to environmental stewardship, using earth-friendly virgin pulp from the Paper-Tree is just the beginning.

To make the most use of all residual waste, Double A Paper’s pulping process is incorporated into the power plants for biomass electricity generation, which in turn fuels the mill and supplies energy to nearby communities.

Double A Paper saves water. A giant 35 million cubic meter manmade reservoir was built to function as a catchment area to collect rainwater runoff and help to prevent floods. This reservoir also provides and fulfills the water requirements of Double A Paper’s mills. We leverage technology to minimize our water consumption throughout the production process. To make the best use of resources, we use our recycled water to irrigate the trees around the mill.

It all comes down to doing the right thing for our people and our planet.


Start with the Seeds: The Paper-Tree

Only one hardwood species in the world creates this pulp, and it’s a culmination of 2,500 specimens over 25 years of research and development, where modern, patented technology was married with centuries-old traditional tree breeding techniques. 

Next, what sets Double A apart is our “Paper from KHAN-NA” philosophy – a revolutionary, supremely green approach to papermaking that sources from earth-friendly and sustainable pulp. We help farmers maximize and monetize their unused land by growing these specially cultivated Paper-Tree seedlings.

Even Better Than Recycling

In Thailand alone, there are millions of the Paper-Tree saplings planted in the unused crevices of rice paddies, called the KHAN-NA. These trees take only 3-5 years to mature. They are uniform and straight-trunked for consistent growth, have no taproot, and regenerate for a few cycles after planting, so they’re easy for farmers to maintain. With very few, thin leaves, the Paper-Tree provides farmers with much needed shade, but also allows sunshine to reach the rice crops without piling up harmful, decomposing leaves.


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