A Cut Above the Rest: More Than Just the Sustainable Choice

Eco-conscious business professionals are always searching for the best products, brands, and initiatives to support inside and outside of the workplace. The concept of environmentally-friendly business grows each and every day.

With paper products being integral to every workplace, the same can be said for paper companies worldwide. But how can you tell the difference between the bandwagoners and the companies devoted to making the best sustainable paper products imaginable?

Let’s compare Double A sustainable paper to its many competitors and determine why Double A products outperform competitors.

What Separates Double A Paper from Other Paper Options?

When comparing sustainable paper options, one of the first things to analyze is their production process. After all, sustainability is based on the product’s ability to be created without wasting resources or harming the environment in the process. While many competitors claim to be sustainable, Double A’s entire system is built upon a sustainable foundation to live up to our promise of the best sustainable paper on the market.

From the trees we use and the areas we plant them in, all the way to the water that feeds them and the fuel that is used to manufacture them, our products are made with sustainability and quality in mind.

We begin our production process by using what is referred to as the Khan-Na, or unused parts of rice paddy fields, to plant our special hybrid trees. When they are planted, the farmers are given money for their unused land, which greatly helps them and their families. This helps to create social sustainability.

Our trees are bred to be sustainable and mature in three to five years’ time. The trees are watered using our natural reservoir, Emerald Lake, that also helps countless farmers and families in the area.

Once the trees are mature, the farmers are paid once more for the mature trees and the trees are sent to our manufacturing centers to be made into our paper products. The entire manufacturing process is also state-of-the-art and fully sustainable, as it runs on the biomass fuel of the leftover tree remnants. This ensures that nothing is wasted.

After analyzing the production process of sustainable paper brands, you must look at the quality of their products. The average sustainable paper products that our competitors put out have three things in common: fillers, short lifespans, and low fiber counts. All of these things make for a subpar paper product, whereas Double A paper has an extremely high fiber count, vibrance, durability, longer lasting shelf lives, no fillers, and sharp printing capabilities.

Unlike other paper companies currently on the market, Double A focuses on quality and smoothness during the manufacturing process. This is why many business professionals recommend replacing your ream and making the switch to Double A paper for the best printed pieces possible.

It is also why many businesses opt for Double A paper in professional settings and projects. The longer shelf-life of our paper, combined with the vibrance and smoothness of the product, creates a consistency that other brands can’t compete with. This is because we do not use fillers in our manufacturing process, and simply rely on our trees to provide the smoothest and highest fiber count paper products possible.

In the end, when picking the right paper for the job, every aspect counts. From start to finish, the production of the paper product you choose is what sets it apart from the rest. Although our competitors may work hard to create sustainable products, our attention to detail and fully sustainable, state-of-the-art, and high-quality paper production system continue to be the reasons our products are simply “a cut above the rest.”