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One Dream, One Tree Contest Winner Announcement


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When Double A Paper announced its One Dream, One Tree campaign in the fall of 2019, we also announced the opportunity to win a fantastic prize! Congratulations Amber Williams - our One Dream, One Tree Sweepstakes winner!

About the Sweepstakes

One Dream, One Tree Amber Williams

Our sincere congratulations to Amber Williams! Amber registered at OneDreamOneTree.com and had a sapling of the Paper-Tree planted in her honor in Thailand. She entered our sweepstakes, along with thousands of other people across the United States, and helped us to achieve our goal of planting 500,000 Paper-Tree saplings. Every person who registered on our website, if eligible, was also entered into our sweepstakes and Amber was chosen through a random drawing held in March 2020. 

Amber participated in the One Dream, One Tree campaign in February. When we got to share the exciting new with Amber, she said “I’m so excited! Thank you Double A Paper! It was great to be part of something so important, but to also luck out and win the sweepstakes is amazing! Can’t wait for the next One Dream, One Tree!”

About the One Dream, One Tree Campaign

The One Dream, One Tree campaign began with a simple idea - for every ream of Double A paper purchased, along with every person who registered on our website, one sapling of the Paper-Tree would be planted by a farmer in Thailand. We wanted to promote sustainability and give everyone the chance to help us work toward a more sustainable Earth. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our participants. Now, not only are those trees helping the planet by taking carbon dioxide out of the air and providing more oxygen, they’ll also eventually be used to make more of Double A’s high-quality, sustainable paper.

1D1t Khan-NaThe Paper-Tree is grown on the KHAN-NA, the unused land between rice paddies in Thailand. This revolutionary method of planting trees eliminates the need to rely on traditional forests and deforestation to produce paper, helping the environment by using otherwise unused land. On top of that, Double A provides the farmers in Thailand who participate in planting the saplings of the Paper-Tree with supplementary income in exchange for using their land. This allows the participating farmers to support their local communities and provide for their families, such as the farmers who are now able to pay off their debts or help their children pay for school. People like Amber have helped these farmers improve their lives and communities while also helping to improve the condition of our planet. 

Why Double A Paper

At Double A Paper, we consider ourselves responsible to the world, the environment, and our community. Our paper is produced using a specific process that is entirely sustainable from start to finish. We want to promote sustainability in everything we do, and we are supported in this goal by every person who uses our paper. 

If you’d like to join us in promoting sustainability, subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media. Help us make the world a better place, one dream and one tree at a time. 

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