How to Select the Right Kind of Paper for the Job

Paper made its debut about 2,200 years ago, and has never looked back. Over the many centuries since paper’s first appearance, the paper marketplace has developed into a complex global industry. For the past 25 years, and today, the digital revolution has actively challenged the paper marketplace for bragging rights and bottom-lines. Yet, in the face of an “e-everything” world, the printed page still holds prominence. 

In cases like the necessity of important documents to be archived, choosing a quality paper to match the needs of the project is very important. To make the decision about your paper, consider the axiom below. 

In order to be successful, one must either:

  • Create something new with a familiar feel, or
  • Use something familiar with a new approach.

When tasked with selecting the right kind of paper for the job at hand, don’t skimp on research. Choose to make a well-informed paper-selection decision. Consider the concepts detailed below.

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Selecting the Right Paper Requires a Balance of Quality & Function

Paper Types

When deciding which is the right type of paper, focus on the purpose of the print job because paper is manufactured to meet varied purposes. While paper is the ink’s foundation, the type of paper chosen also impacts the feel of the final print product.

Multipurpose/Dual-Purpose Paper

Multipurpose Paper is a great choice for everyday office tasks. Multipurpose Paper works well with printers and copiers, and generates sharp looking prints. Multipurpose Paper is brighter than copy paper.

Inkjet Paper

Inkjet Paper should ONLY be used with inkjet printers as it is specifically designed to work with water-based ink.  Inkjet Paper is considered a higher quality paper than Multipurpose Paper. 

Laser Paper

Laser Paper has a smooth texture, which works with laser printers. Avoid using Laser Paper in inkjet printers as this paper voraciously absorbs ink; thus increasing ink costs.

Copy Paper

Copy Paper is cost-effective and a great choice for internal, everyday tasks. Copy Paper is a poor choice for those seeking professional-looking print products.

Paper Brightness

Brighter paper creates crisp, sharp results. Warmer paper is a great choice for printed reading materials.

Not all manufactured white paper looks like the same color. White varieties include but are not limited to:

  • A soft white
  • A balanced white
  • A blue-white and
  • A natural white

Ask your paper provider for sample sheets before your final order. It is difficult to visualize variations of the color white.

In fact, you can request a sample kit from Double A simply by filling out our request form

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Paper Weight

Standard Weight Paper

SWP is jam-resistant and economical. It is the perfect choice for plain-paper fax machines and copiers. 

Mid-Weight Paper

MWP works well with all office machines and is great alternative for professional presentations or proposals with reduced budgets.

Heavy Weight Paper

HWP is generally used for business cards and professional presentations.

Paper Finish

Paper finish is generally categorized as smooth or textured.

  • Smooth Paper – While smooth to the touch, there are a variety of subtle textural differences in this category – bond, vellum and wove.
  • Textured Paper – A textured paper is visually and tactilely perceptible. Variations include felt, laid and linen.

In addition to the feel of the final product, a paper’s finish defines the reception rate of ink absorption.

A Word about Sustainable Paper

For those who are environmentally conscious, consider Double A as a paper company that prioritizes sustainability. By doing so, the local environment is carefully considered and protected for years to come.  Go Green with sustainable white paper!

It takes all kinds of paper to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. Be it a legal document or a health record, the right choice of paper enriches the final print product. Choose wisely.