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Double A has been trusted and tested by commercial printers, lawyers, financiers and agencies for over 15 years. It’s the paper of choice for high-quality board presentations, stunning client proposals and for demanding professionals like you.

Double A Paper Trees are also sustainably sourced. They are grown by 1.5 million rice farmers, who plant the trees in the ridges (or KHAN-NA) between their rice paddies. These paper trees have a unique, high-fiber content which gives Double A paper good formation and a smoothness you can feel.

Why try Double A? Because our paper is…

  • Premium quality
  • Smooth, bright and white
  • Friendly to copiers and printer jam-free
  • Perfect for double-sided jobs
  • Great for sharp, vibrant prints
  • Don’t miss your chance to impress at your next board meeting!

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Complete the form to get your free sample.

Environmentally friendly and still a bright sheet! I can feel good about it. Double A works well in commercial and home office settings.”