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Humans Healing the Planet

With all the intense, heavy news articles released every day about the state of our planet, it’s an internal struggle to not get swept away by fear. Today, we want to lift your spirits with remarkable events and stories about sustainability. Coming from around the world, we know these stories will boost your spirit.

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5 Shocking Statistics on How the Traditional Paper Industry Damages Forests

America consumes tons of paper. Literally. According to Waste Free Mail, Americans use 90 million tons of paper each year. This consumption creates a huge demand, which the traditional paper industry has always supplied.

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The Top Ten Most Eco-Conscious States

Over the past decade, more Americans have become aware of environmental issues. Too much consumption, without renewable resources, will lead to problems that the country isn’t equipped to deal with.

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Worldwide Sustainability

What would you do if you were told that you only had 15 years to restore the planet’s environment? Although this may seem outlandish, recent studies performed by the UN have shown that if we don’t halt biodiversity loss in the next 15 years, we could face serious global consequences. 

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