Only one hardwood species in the world creates this pulp, and it’s a culmination of 2,500 specimens over 25 years of research and development, where modern, patented technology was married with centuries-old traditional tree breeding techniques.

Next, what sets Double A apart is our “Paper from KHAN-NA” philosophy – a revolutionary, supremely green approach to papermaking that sources from earth-friendly and sustainable pulp. We help farmers maximize and monetize their unused land by growing these specially cultivated Paper-Tree seedlings.


Even Better Than Recycling

In Thailand alone we promoted the planting of roughly 200 million Paper-Tree saplings, all planted in the unused crevices of rice paddies, called the KHAN-NA. These trees take only 3-5 years to mature. They are uniform and straight-trunked for consistent growth, have no taproot, and regenerate for a few cycles after planting, so they’re easy for farmers to maintain. With very few, thin leaves, the Paper-Tree provides farmers with much needed shade, but also allows sunshine to reach the rice crops without piling up harmful, decomposing leaves.