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Double A is dedicated to sustainable development in partnership with the local community and the environment. Therefore, our manufacturing process focuses on raw materials we can cultivate and generate to lessen our impact on the earth. To this end, we use:

Double A Paper-Tree: Saving Natural Forest Logging

By using only our proprietary Double A Paper-Tree and cultivating them on unused strips of land along farmers’ rice paddies, we preserve the biodiversity of mature forests.

Sustainable Power: Turning Residual Waste into Renewable Biomass

Double A does not consider waste as waste, but as a sustainable source of renewable energy to power our mill. We generate our electricity from renewable biomass power, aggregating the wood bark, knots and black liquor from the pulping process to generate 100 MW of electricity, enough for the mill and for the local community of 400,000 households.

Sustainable Water: Saving Precious Community Water

Green Lake is Double A’s own 35-million m³ rainwater reservoir, which was designed to conserve water during rainy seasons. The reservoir provides 100% of Double A mills’ water requirements.

Double A also uses wash press technology to squeeze out and reuse the water from wet pulp. Recycled water is used to irrigate the trees and other vegetation around the mill.

Sustainable Air: Staying Clean with Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) Bleaching

Double A uses an Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) bleaching process that is chlorine gas free. This technology effectively reduces toxic by-products from the bleaching process, thus minimizing chlorine related health hazards.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Double A makes it our mission to help the community that we call home.

Providing Sustainable Income to Farmers

Every ream of Double A paper provides an additional income to Thai farming communities. For more than a decade, Double A has been producing paper and at the same time improving the lives of farmers and local communities by the best sustainable method; providing them with occupational opportunities to earn additional income and improve their standards of living. 

In addition to receiving income from Double A Paper-Tree cultivation through the KHAN-NA program, farmers also earn extra by cutting mature trees and transporting logs to the Double A mill. In 2011, this effort was awarded the Asian CSR Award for Poverty Alleviation.

Providing School Funding

Double A started a school funding program in 2007; Double A Paper-Tree saplings were distributed to a number of needy schools in Thailand. After three to four years, the participating schools sell the trees back to Double A for a guaranteed return. To date, Double A has given tree saplings to almost 8,000 schools.

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