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Sustainable Business Resources


sustainable business resources

Sustainable Corporate Practices

Have you ever wondered, "How do you create environmentally-friendly paper?" At Double A, it's simple. We start with our Paper-Tree seedlings that produce the highest quality pulp. We know that you create environmentally-friendly paper by prioritizing sustainability from the ground up. Watch how we partnered with Thai farmers to achieve this:

8 Sustainable Business Resources

1. Sustainable Education

2. Industry Challenges

3. Sustainable Trends

4. Know Your Sustainable Source

5. Office Culture

6. Corporate Culture

7. What's Next?

8. Inspiration to Grow


1.) Sustainable Education

We've all asked the question, "what does natural even mean?" Given the overuse in the industry, it has truly lost its clout in every consumer category from food to housing. Because we are committed to having a positive environmental impact through our cultivation process, we take stock in the definition of sustainability and follow those tenets. If you're still wondering about The Difference Between Sustainable and Natural, dive into our post to learn what it really looks like when a corporation makes sustainable decisions. 

2. Industry Challenges

In his article Sustainability Challenges in the Paper Industry, Daniel Matthews asks, what are industries that rely on this resource doing to promote environmental sustainability? A simple google search for "paper sustainability" returns more hits for how to be more conscientious about using paper than how to find paper from sustainable sources. You truly have to dig into the problems facing the industry like deforestation and irresponsible logging. Instead, choose suppliers who are up front about the way their paper is made.

3. Sustainable Trends

There are many reasons to make business choices that equate to sustainable efforts. It could impact pricing, timing, or image to name a few. In our case, our goal is to better the communities we serve in Thailand and around the world. We start by identifying What's Trending in the World of Paper? A Move Toward Sustainability is the clear direction. This foundation also gives us the roots to continue to build on our goals of environmental stewardship. 

Plant In Sunlight Sustainability

4. Know Your Sustainable Source

When it comes to making paper, we can all agree that the process means a lot. For example, where does the pulp come from and what is the root source of the fiber? It's important to put these considerations into mind when making buying decisions, especially as a commercial print supervisor. They can greatly impact the quality of the paper. In fact, at times it proves that Price Isn't the Most Important Factor When Buying Paper. Beyond determining the physical qualities of the paper and how it will impact your final product, also decide if sustainability is a component you value in your own business. From there, make the choice to source from vendors with a commitment to sustainability. 

5. Office Culture

There are many ways to get your employees on board with your sustainable efforts for the year. You can start by sourcing office supplies from vendors who use sustainable practices. Beyond that, award the office mentality during Green Monthly Challenges. You can choose the gift that best resonates for your team, but a desk plant can be a great way to decorate and purify the air. 

6. Corporate Culture

Guided by the principles in our cultivation process, we initiated Plant Play: Taking KHAN-NA to the Streets of Seoul. It's important to us to connect not only through our business efforts, but also in community initiatives. Our hand-picked Expedition Team included 30 members who visited 14 sites throughout Seoul. The teams created planting plans accommodating the unique needs of each space. Then 20,000 citizens joined the effort, pitching in to plant over 8,000 trees and flowers.

7. What's Next

Even in 2015 it was clear that sustainability was at the forefront of business efforts. In fact, Fortune.com declared that Like it or Not, Sustainability is Now Core to your Business. "Real sustainability efforts are core business efforts; because they are not always easy, they can help a company to raise its game and perform better in all kinds of ways." Since then, businesses continue to notice that environmental efforts can have a myriad of positive impacts on business. 

8. Inspiration to Grow

We're all pursuing growth and opportunity in our business endeavors. To truly achieve this, we can't forget the environment as a portion of the bottom line. After all we only get one planet. We can look to 8 Quotes About Sustainability that Inspire us to Grow in order to continually strive to do better for our surrounding communities. This is Double A's promise and we encourage you to join in. 

Dew Dropping Onto Plant 




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