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Crisis Communication Strategy: How to Keep Your Customers in the Loop

In times of crisis, we look to government officials, scientists, and industry leaders to provide clarity. Since COVID-19 has emerged, the world is experiencing overwhelming uncertainty.  Creating a solid corporate crisis communication strategy is key to keeping your business top of mind.  It can be difficult to determine the best way to communicate with consumers […]

Why Recycling Isn’t the Answer

As children, most of us were encouraged to recycle. Recycling was the Earth-conscious decision, the standard of living an eco-conscious life. We assumed that the items we tossed in the recycling bin were actually sent to a recycling center, broken down, and used to create something else. That may have been the case in the […]

Humans Healing the Planet

With all the intense, heavy news articles released every day about the state of our planet, it’s an internal struggle to not get swept away by fear. Today, we want to lift your spirits with remarkable events and stories about sustainability. Coming from around the world, we know these stories will boost your spirit. Greta […]

5 Shocking Statistics on How the Traditional Paper Industry Damages Forests

America consumes tons of paper. Literally. According to Waste Free Mail, Americans use 90 million tons of paper each year. This consumption creates a huge demand, which the traditional paper industry has always supplied. But as the country becomes more eco-conscious, people are becoming increasingly aware of the damage the traditional paper industry causes to forests. […]

The Top Ten Most Eco-Conscious States

Over the past decade, more Americans have become aware of environmental issues. Too much consumption, without renewable resources, will lead to problems that the country isn’t equipped to deal with. Luckily, the US isn’t in as much trouble as you may think. Plenty of states, from Vermont to South Dakota, are leading the country in […]

What the US Can Learn from Other Countries About Sustainability

The US is a big leader in everything from economics to humanitarian service. But America isn’t number one in everything, and there’s a lot that America can learn from other countries. This is particularly apparent when it comes to sustainability. Sourcing the products our nation needs from sustainable sources is more important than ever, as […]

Why You Should Know the Difference: Recycled Paper Versus Sustainable Paper

  Environmental awareness is no longer an option, it is now a necessity. As business professionals striving for a better tomorrow, it is vital that we take into account the present and what we can do to create a more sustainable future. The first step is knowing the difference between the two most prevalent green […]

Paper Trail: Do You Know Where Your Paper’s Been?

Having a reliable paper source is vital to any successful business. From print projects and business proposals, to marketing strategies and brochures, your printed pieces help you stand out from your competition. Nevertheless, have you ever stopped to ask yourself where your paper has been, how it is produced, and whether or not it holds […]

Earning a Sustainable Reputation

Your reputation truly does precede you, and earning a sustainable reputation is a difficult but worthwhile process. As an executive, you determine the reputation of yourself and your company. You can affect this reputation through marketing, demographic targeting, the products you sell, and even the policies and initiatives you choose to back and take part […]

Worldwide Sustainability

What would you do if you were told that you only had 15 years to restore the planet’s environment? Although this may seem outlandish, recent studies performed by the UN have shown that if we don’t halt biodiversity loss in the next 15 years, we could face serious global consequences. Fortunately, as stark as this […]