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Crisis Communication Strategy: How to Keep Your Customers in the Loop

In times of crisis, we look to government officials, scientists, and industry leaders to provide clarity. Since COVID-19 has emerged, the world is experiencing overwhelming uncertainty.  Creating a solid corporate crisis communication strategy is key to keeping your business top of mind.  It can be difficult to determine the best way to communicate with consumers […]

Addressing Client Needs While Working from Home

Many people are turning to remote working environments to comply with social distancing. Working remotely and switching to e-commerce channels allows companies to stay in business during these difficult times. Still, it can be a challenging adjustment to many who are used to an office environment and face time with customers and coworkers. One of […]

Increase Company Mindfulness with 5 Steps

  How we see the world around us impacts our lives and how we relate to others. Understanding your own emotions can be a powerful tool when interacting with the world, both personally and professionally. By learning how to cultivate company mindfulness, you can increase team interaction, employee productivity, and the bottom line. What is […]

Customer Retention: 5 Cost Effective Ways to Maintain Customer Loyalty

As an office supply professional, your business depends on maintaining positive relationships with your clients and ensuring that your service outperforms your competition. For your business, making clients happy and guaranteeing repeat business is as important as the bottom line. If you’re having trouble making sure you hold on to those clients, we’re here to […]

Tips for Effective Client-Supplier Relationships

Losing clients is the last thing a paper supplier wants. To hold on to your customers and clients, and beat the competition, you need to have superior customer relationship management. Being able to handle any situation that may come up, and demonstrating better customer service and reliability, will help you succeed. Here are some tips […]

How to Market Your Sustainable Business Initiatives

You did it! You’ve developed sustainable goals within your business. You’ve adopted eco-friendly practices in your corporate processes. You’ve swapped out single-use plastics in the break room. You’ve even initiated a public commuter program for your employees! With the increasing demand for environmentally responsible businesses, how do you market your company to stand apart from […]

5 Sustainability Strategies for Businesses

Corporations around the globe have been tasked with increasing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With the market landscape constantly changing to include the latest business sustainability strategies, it is paramount to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in a manner that will ensure their longevity for years to come. The companies that are the most successful with environmental sustainability […]

How to Build Sustainable Company Culture

In order for people to see sustainability as a lifestyle change, rather than a one-time effort, sustainability needs to be a greater part of office culture. By building a sustainable culture within your company, you can implement changes on a daily basis and help others to implement similar changes. Every company, big and small, has […]

Companies Crushing It: Part 3

Environmental sustainability is important to many modern companies, and a large number of them are taking action to improve the planet and implement environmentally friendly practices. By choosing the correct companies, you can take action and help the planet as well. The third in a series, this blog explores how different companies are making a […]

Companies Crushing It: Part 2

Every day, everywhere, responsible companies are doing their part to make our world greener and stronger. The second in a series, this post explores some of the more innovative ways these companies inspire us all to do more. BioFase  Mexico grows about 50% of the world’s avocados. And when you have avocado seeds, you can make […]