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Customer Retention: 5 Cost Effective Ways to Maintain Customer Loyalty

As an office supply professional, your business depends on maintaining positive relationships with your clients and ensuring that your service outperforms your competition. For your business, making clients happy and guaranteeing repeat business is as important as the bottom line. If you’re having trouble making sure you hold on to those clients, we’re here to […]

Tips for Effective Client-Supplier Relationships

Losing clients is the last thing a paper supplier wants. To hold on to your customers and clients, and beat the competition, you need to have superior customer relationship management. Being able to handle any situation that may come up, and demonstrating better customer service and reliability, will help you succeed. Here are some tips […]

Earning a Sustainable Reputation

Your reputation truly does precede you, and earning a sustainable reputation is a difficult but worthwhile process. As an executive, you determine the reputation of yourself and your company. You can affect this reputation through marketing, demographic targeting, the products you sell, and even the policies and initiatives you choose to back and take part […]

Learn to Communicate with Difficult Clients (And Get Results)

In any business, you will run into clients with a variety of different personalities, character traits, and life experiences. You are bound to eventually meet a client that is just difficult to work with. So here are some things to keep in mind to help you learn to communicate with difficult clients (and get results). […]

Why Hand-Written Notes Strengthen Client Relationships

The digital age has made communication simple and convenient. Especially during the holidays, when you need to prepare next year’s strategy, revise the budget, analyze the results of this year’s campaigns, and many other things, it’s easy just to send a mass email to your clients. The problem with this type of communication, though, is […]