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9 Tips You Need to Know to Successfully Work from Home

No one could have predicted the changing professional landscape that has defined COVID-19. Most company work structures have been upended, and life as we know it has come to a standstill. Since most companies have transitioned to remote work, the question of how to successfully work from home arises.  Changing up your work environment can […]

4 Everyday Things That Harm the Environment (And Their Alternatives)

Modern people are more environmentally conscious than ever. We focus on reducing our carbon footprint by turning off the lights and conserving water. While these things are essential to the sustainability of our planet, they are only the tip of the iceberg. Even the most environmentally conscious of us may be harming the environment without […]

One Day of Sustainable Choices

Our daily choices and our carbon footprint can contribute to the health of our planet rather than harm it. Let’s calculate our carbon footprint and consider how much it can be reduced with simple choices! The New York Times defines “carbon footprint” as the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that come from the production, use, and end-of-life of […]

Ways to Lower Your Consumption

Sustainability is about protecting our natural environment and health. How can we incorporate sustainable actions into our everyday lives? Each individual can contribute to a greener planet by incorporating small changes and consuming less, both at home and at work. Saving at the Supermarket We can improve our personal, mental, and physical health – as […]

Tips for a More Green Living Space

It can be challenging to switch to a sustainable lifestyle, but there are ways to use your living space, no matter what size, to implement sustainable practices and feel right at home while helping the planet. Indoor Plants Caring for a potted plant can be a great hobby, and a way to practice being eco-friendly. […]

One Dream, One Tree’s Sustainable Sundays

Today officially marks the end of our One Dream, One Tree campaign. Between Double A Paper and the participating farmers, we cannot thank everyone enough for helping us to reach our goal of planting 500,000 saplings of the Paper-Tree. To celebrate this momentous campaign, we wanted to showcase a gallery of our new social initiative: […]

5 Ideas to Be a Sustainable Small Business

We’ve all heard of corporate social responsibility, and the environmental efforts made by large companies. But what about the efforts that could be made by those running a small business? Sustainable small business practices can leave a lasting impact on the environment, productivity, and sustainable culture, while also helping you to save money. But where […]

Saving Money with Sustainability

Now that the holiday season has ended, many people have set their resolutions to live in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way this year. Perhaps this piqued your interest, as you’d like to live more sustainably, but you’re worried about your budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to not only live sustainably, but save money while […]