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Why Recycling Isn't the Answer

As children, most of us were encouraged to recycle. Recycling was the Earth-conscious decision, the standard of living an eco-conscious life. We assumed that the items we tossed in the recycling bin were actually sent to a recycling center, broken down, and used to create something else. That may have been the case in the past, but our disposable lifestyles are now catching up to us.

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5 Things That You Think Are Good for the Environment (Which Aren’t)

Today, everyone feels the need to do their part in taking care of the environment. We’ve all seen the documentaries, and we’ve all read the warnings from scientists about climate change. Collectively, we’re trying to protect the environment. But some activities that we’ve always accepted as “good for the environment” actually aren’t.

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3 Ways to Go Green Without Going Crazy

You’re bombarded with messages about lowering your carbon footprint, minimizing your impact on the planet, living sustainably, using less and reusing more. And you want to help, but sometimes making purchasing decisions with countless environmental considerations can be downright overwhelming. Well, we’d like to make your paper buying just a bit easier. 

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