3 Ways to Make Your Buying Habits More Sustainable

Millennials are known for their dedication to the environment. In fact, this demographic cares so much about the natural world that 73% of them would willingly pay more money to purchase products produced from a sustainable source.

Whether you’re a millennial or not, we can learn from that statistic. We all, as a society, need to become more dedicated to buying sustainably-sourced products. It’s not always the easiest or cheapest option, but in the long run, doing so will have a large, positive impact on the natural world.

Don’t Replace Everything

One common misconception is that buying green products will make a significant impact on your carbon footprint. That’s not always true, especially if you’re trying to replace a large number of items.

For example, if you have a refrigerator that’s not green certified, but still works perfectly, is it better to buy a new “green certified” refrigerator or keep the one you already have?

To answer that question, think about the amount of energy that goes into creating a new refrigerator. In most cases, the amount of energy and resources used, as well as the unsustainability of those resources, far outweighs any gain you’d make by upgrading to a greener model.

In almost every situation, the more eco-conscious choice is reusing what you currently have. This ensures that you’re not consuming products that have a large environmental cost to produce unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Get Crafty

Another great way to make sure that you’re switching to sustainable buying is to figure out what products you can make at home, or make from products you’re already buying. For example, let’s say you have vinegar and baking soda on your shopping list, in addition to a household cleaner.

You can use the baking soda and vinegar to create a cleaning solution as effective as anything you’d buy off the shelf (and use it for everything from laundry to cleaning countertops). This removes the need to buy a separate plastic container of household cleaner, thereby eliminating that plastic, and the environmental cost to produce it, from your consumer footprint.

Look for Innovation

A lot of innovation permeates the sustainability world, and that’s perhaps most noticeable in the office furniture space.

Whether you work from home, or in an office building, office furniture is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to unsustainable products. The amount of plastic and synthetic materials in desks, chairs, and other accoutrements is appalling. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can “go green” in your office by using furniture that’s built from sustainable, renewable resources.

There are always new options available when you’re looking to change your buying habits to become more sustainable. From home office options to everyday items like household cleaners, you won’t be stuck looking for green, eco-conscious alternatives to your current products. 

Double A Paper’s Sustainable Approach

Double A Paper, for example, applies sustainability to its entire paper production process. From the moment the raw material is planted, to when we ship the paper out, our production is entirely sustainable and produces no waste. We also work with local farmers in Thailand, providing them with extra income and showing how they can leverage the unused land between their rice paddies, called the “KHAN-NA.” This approach is what makes Double A Paper a unique, sustainable product.