The Canon i300 and Double A Paper: A Match Made in Print Shop Heaven

The ability to print sharp, crisp images with efficiency has never been easier for business owners. With high-quality Double A Paper and the new, Canon i300, you’ve got a match made in print shop heaven.

Why do the Canon i300 and Double A Paper pair so well together? Find out below how matching these two products can do wonders for your office efficiency and bottom line.

What are the specs of the Canon i300 printer?

The Canon i300 is a sheet-fed, color inkjet press that utilizes drop-on-demand, piezoelectric inkjet technology. The machine is incredibly efficient and uses iQuarius aqueous pigment inks that are on a standard CMYK spectrum.

What’s so great about the Canon i300? Well, it effortlessly combines the reduced printing costs associated with most inkjet technology, but it also utilizes a flexible, sheet-fed application. The digital press provides users with the ability to grow their business by cost-effectively running monochrome and color print jobs all on one engine. Also, the printer has moving, mono-applications to higher-value and higher-margin color products. The Canon i300 also extends the cross-over point for digital print versus offset. This means that more pages can migrate over to digital print.

How many sheets can it print per minute? The Canon i300 provides users with the ability to print up to 294 letter images a minute. That’s thousands of sheets an hour that this piece of innovative, modern technology can print. The machine is designed for heavy-production volumes of anywhere between 1 to 10 million pages a month.

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Also, the printer supports several sizes of paper and up to 12 paper trays. The trays can feed a variety of standard offset and inkjet substrates, anywhere from 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. bond. Want robust, high-quality prints at top speed? The Canon i300 is the printer for you.

But that’s not all. While the Canon i300 is an incredibly sophisticated machine, if you feed it poor-quality paper, it won’t perform at top speed or be able to give you high-quality prints. That’s why Double A Paper is the right match for a printer like the Canon i300.

Why should you pair a Canon i300 printer with Double A Paper?

Because Double A Paper is some of the highest quality printing paper on the market. Your Canon i300 can handle printing thousands of sheets per hour. But if those sheets are bad news, you will experience frequent and frustrating jams. Not so with Double A Paper.

In an independent test, Double A Paper sheets were fed into a standard, high-speed copier at one sheet per second for 24 hours straight. There wasn’t a single jam.

While you won’t experience jamming with Double A Paper, you’ll also get crisp, sharp images on durable stock, manufactured from sustainably sourced trees. Double A Paper is brilliantly white and comprised of some of the finest pulp available. Pictures show up bright and crisp, and the paper is incredibly smooth. If you pair Double A’s, high-quality, smooth and bright paper with a powerful machine such as the Canon i300, you’ll never have to:

Worry about jams
Be concerned with the formation and presentation of your prints
Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of sourcing your office material from an environmentally responsible paper company. Browse our selection of paper products today and find one that’s right for your business and the Canon i300.