How to Cut Your Paper Shipping Costs

You have clients all over the world and business is going well. Now it is time to ship your completed orders to your clients. How can you complete it within budget? Where do you start? Let’s take a look at how to cut your paper shipping costs.

Invest in your carrier.

You are a distributor, so your needs are specific to the industry. That means you need to make sure that whatever carrier you choose meets those needs. You want to pick a strong company that will be able to satisfy your shipping needs without hiccups.

If that means that you need to pay more for quality service, then you should go ahead and go for that higher cost option. The reason for this is that if your deliverables are late or damaged, then the cost of replacing the order, or refunding the customer’s money, will far exceed the cost of the higher shipping price.

Monitor your carrier.

As you ship orders, you should monitor your carrier to make sure that your orders are being delivered on time. You want to see consistency in delivery times so that you can give your customers accurate shipping times.

You also should consult your carrier and find out where the pain points are and how both of you can help to fix the problems. Communication between you and your carrier is essential to make sure everything is running smoothly with deliveries.

Update your customers.

As much as communication is necessary between you and your carrier, so to is the communication between you and your customers. Be honest and open about when they can expect their order, or if their order cannot be shipped in the time that they are requesting.

Additionally, be aware that your customers are tracking their order as much as you are, so be prepared to answer any questions about arrival times or any mishaps that will happen along the way.

Automate your shipping.

A great way to reduce the time it takes to ship something, and save money in the process, is to automate your shipping. If you know that you have an order that is regularly shipped the same time every week, work with your carrier to automate that shipment.

It is less time consuming if you and your carrier knows that an order will ship out at the same time every week. You will be able to have it prepared to ship, and your carrier will make sure they bring the right transport for your order.

These are just a few tips that will help you save money in your shipping processes. Did you know that you can also save money by using Double A jam-free paper? Contact us today and we can help!