The Difference Between Sustainable And Natural

Have you been wondering what the difference is between sustainable products and “natural” products – or if there is even a difference at all? We’re here to help!

In this article, we will take a look at sustainability and natural, and help you understand how each of these terms are used in the marketing of paper, and other such plant-derived products. Let’s get started.

The Term “Natural” Has No Real Standards – And Is Mostly Used For Marketing Purposes

Here’s the truth about the word “natural” – it may sound nice, but it doesn’t usually mean much. There are no real guidelines issued by the FDA or other governmental authorities about the usage of the word “natural”.

Unlike the word “organic”, which must be backed up by some kind of third-party organic certification, the word “natural” has no real requirements to be used in marketing, packaging labels, and other materials.

Simply put, just about any company can put the word “natural” on their products, and hope that it helps them sell to environmentally-conscious consumers – and there is not much that anyone can do about this.

Sustainable Has A Definition

The term sustainable does have quite a few definitions and even more quotes about the topic. For production to be sustainable, it must be an activity that can be replicated without adding or taking away natural resources.

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Sustainable products may also be more humane, and have a lower impact on the surrounding wildlife and communities. However, like “natural”, there is no real way for a government agency to enforce sustainability. Each company that claims to have a “sustainable” product could have a different idea of what it means – and customers usually can only find out what that meaning is by doing their own research. 

Why is sustainability important? More customers are basing purchases on environmental factors and seek the assurance that the products they choose are made with that in mind.

Double A Paper – Dedicated To True Sustainability

Though many other companies just use sustainability as a buzzword, it means much more to us at Double A Paper. We focus on a truly sustainable business model for our responsibly-sourced paper products.

Our business model is simple. Most of our raw material is sourced from Thailand, where rice farmers have an efficient way to plant in the unused land between rice paddies called “KHAN NA”. We pay farmers to grow trees on this otherwise-unused land area, and we support over 1.5 million Thai farmers by doing this. Our unique, custom-developed trees maximize raw material yield, while minimizing maintenance and environmental impact.

By adopting this approach, we have been able to use farmer’s land that would otherwise have no economic value – and improve sustainability. In addition, we convert all waste from the process – from bark to wood chips – into biofuel, which ensures the self-sufficiency of our manufacturing plant.

We also use a conscientious practice for ensuring the trees have enough water. Our goal was to collect rainwater, so we identified a spot of land that flooded every rainy season. To prevent water seepage, we shored up certain areas when we expanded the pond. 

By focusing on environmentally-friendly techniques and supporting local communities, we believe that we offer the very best, most sustainable paper products on the market.

Experience the Double A Difference

Sustainable Vs. Natural – Discover The True Meaning Of These Terms! 

Unfortunately, there are many companies that use the terms “sustainable” and “natural” simply to further their own interests and market their products to eco-friendly consumers. But at Double A Paper, we do things differently. Our paper is truly sustainable, and responsibly sourced.