Why Hand-Written Notes Strengthen Client Relationships

The digital age has made communication simple and convenient. Especially during the holidays, when you need to prepare next year’s strategy, revise the budget, analyze the results of this year’s campaigns, and many other things, it’s easy just to send a mass email to your clients.

The problem with this type of communication, though, is that it usually goes unnoticed. Not to mention that an electronic message doesn’t have the same impact as a carefully crafted note.

Sending hand-written notes to clients, stakeholders, or even employees has become a rare thing.

But, the power they hold over the recipient isn’t something businesses can ignore. The simple act of taking the time to write paper notes can often mean more than the message itself.

With that in mind, here’s why you should send hand-written notes to your clients as gifts.

1. They Make Your Clients Feel Special

Sitting down at your desk, collecting your thoughts, and putting your words down with pen and paper takes more time and consideration than just crafting an email using editing tools and spellcheck. A hand-written Christmas card will make the recipient feel special and valued, perhaps even more than an expensive gift that has no personal meaning.

Go the extra mile and select paper notes that are personal and professional. Don’t just use stationery with the company’s logo because that could defy the entire purpose of your efforts.

2. Hand-Written Notes Allow You to Strengthen Relationships with Your Clients

Communication nowadays happens instantly. We tap tens of messages every day and send them without putting too much thought into what we’re trying to say.

But, when you handwrite a note, your brain slows down, and you become more careful about the words you choose and how you phrase them. As such, hand-written notes tend to be more sincere and heartfelt than emails. This authenticity can help you advance your relationship with your clients and turn them into loyal advocates of your brand.

3. You Set Your Business Apart

Your clients receive tens perhaps hundreds of emails every day, most of which they ignore or

forget the second they finish reading it.

A hand-written Christmas card will not only help you stand out, but the client will likely appreciate and remember your effort. And, because notes have a powerful impact on people, some of them may even keep them.

4. You Can Make the Notes Personal

No one argues with the fact that the digital tools we have in place today can help businesses acquire vast amounts of information about their clients. From things as simple as their name to complex insights like their pain points or motivations, businesses nowadays have access to data that allows them to personalize almost any message.

But, because people have gotten so accustomed to customized communication, they tend to ignore the little details, such as the fact that you’ve mentioned their name in the email or that you’ve remembered their anniversary.

Because paper notes are such a rare occurrence, they have a more personal appeal. Clients feel as if you truly know and understand them, and are more likely to consider you for their future needs.


If you want to send something unique to your clients this holiday season, then hand-written notes may just be the best idea. At Double A Paper, you can find sustainable, responsibly-sourced paper that you can use to impress your clients. They will appreciate not only the effort but also the care and consideration you show for the environment.