Worldwide Sustainability

What would you do if you were told that you only had 15 years to restore the planet’s environment? Although this may seem outlandish, recent studies performed by the UN have shown that if we don’t halt biodiversity loss in the next 15 years, we could face serious global consequences.

Fortunately, as stark as this information is, there are many companies across the globe taking this crisis into their own hands and trying to resolve it through one sustainable deed at a time. From tech giants to fashion house moguls, the message is loud and clear, and the solution is manageable.

Why Are Companies Taking Sustainability so Seriously?

Although in most cases, the fear of global catastrophe is enough to stray people away from environmental negligence, you may wonder what motivates a company to be involved in sustainability efforts, other than vested interests or mass market appeal.

The reality is, companies can and do benefit from becoming sustainable in the public eye. Many understand how incorporating sustainable practices into their mission can truly change the world as we know it. For example, did you know sustainability can actually save you money as a company and increase your public appeal? By winning sustainability awards, or simply proving your devotion to the environment, you can increase your employee retention, gain free marketing, save money, have more people buying your products and supporting your brand, and be a part of the solution rather than the problem.


5 Companies Across the Globe Making a Difference

Now that we understand why companies are taking this initiative so seriously, here are some of the companies at the forefront of this cause and what they are doing to help our world one step at a time.

1. Microsoft— Worldwide

According to Microsoft, their team is currently achieving many goals, with even more to come. These current goals include “a 75% reduction in carbon emissions planned through continued carbon neutrality and energy commitments and a $50M investment in the next five years towards getting cloud and AI tools in the hands of those solving global environmental challenges.”

These initiatives continue to positively impact our world, and have led to Microsoft being awarded the most sustainable company in the world this year.

2. Dassault Systemes— France

Dassault Systemes is a software company, located in France, with an impressive 86.1% sustainability rating. The company prides itself on its reduction of plastics and its influence in the community, including various green initiatives and the implementation of green elements into its products.

By doing this, the company has effectively incorporated sustainability into every home it services for years to come, not only bringing the fight to their offices, but to their consumers as well.

3. Autodesk— US

According to Autodesk, a software development company from the US, “We’re on the cusp of an unprecedented opportunity. With rapid population growth and accelerated urbanization, it’s estimated that worldwide energy demand will double by 2050, requiring more productive use of energy and materials. Autodesk is empowering designers and makers around the globe to create a sustainable future with us.”

Similar to Dassault’s implementation of sustainability in their own products, Autodesk not only incorporates sustainability in their offices, but encourages their clients to do the same.

4. Pearson— UK

For Pearson, education and sustainability go hand-in-hand. With a yearly sustainability report, and plenty of educational booklets and videos regarding sustainability as a whole, Pearson’s main goal is to not only be sustainable, but teach these practices to others.

According to Pearson themselves, “We believe that quality education is the key to shaping a better tomorrow. It can create better lives for individuals, greater equality within society, and a more prosperous, sustainable world. Now more than ever, the world needs everyone to be a lifelong learner. Today’s learners are the architects of tomorrow. By enabling better learning for all and helping to remove barriers to education, we empower learners to be their best selves and, in turn, build a better life for themselves and those around them.”

5. Honda Motor Co.— Japan

Although Honda may not seem like the first company, or even the last, that you would think of when discussing sustainability, this Japanese business recognizes the harmful effects that traditional cars have on our environment and is dedicated to creating sustainable cars at an affordable price.

A good example of this is the hydrogen cell-powered vehicles the company is currently working on, which could effectively eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels.

Being fully dedicated to sustainable practices ourselves, Double A Paper applauds these companies for their dedication. Double A fosters sustainability for the production of our paper, starting from the tree we harvest and where we plant the trees, to converting waste from the pulping process into renewable biomass fuel. In the business world, having companies that make it a priority to produce the products the world needs with minimal impact on our resources makes a massive difference. We look forward to seeing more and more global giants like these take a sustainable position in their business practices in the coming years!