6 Attributes of a “Paper Person”

You remember that moment fondly. Sitting in some library in some place you grew up, you remember the feeling of opening a book, touching each page individually, reading its contents, and being able to hold onto this piece of information with ease. The smell of the paper, the feel of the cover, the beauty of each simplistic letter printed in dark black ink on the pages; these are the things that made you fall in love with paper ever since you were a kid in a library long ago.

As years passed, books became Kindles, newspapers became digital magazines, and that feeling of a piece of parchment in your hands seemed like nothing more than a faint memory. Perhaps, however, you still hold on to that feeling of a physical copy in your hands. Maybe you use a paper planner, write out memos on sticky notes, or use a paper calendar in the office.

No matter what, you’re a “paper person,” and it’s time to let your paper-loving characteristics shine! In this article, we chose to share some of the most common traits of a “paper person” so you can officially have a diagnosis for your love of physical copies and “digital disruption.”

You Might be a “Paper Person” if…

1. You Still Schedule in a Paper Planner

Perhaps, you’ve tried other applications like Asana or Google Calendar in the past and felt completely disconnected. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The truth is that people that love paper actually feel far more connected to the things they write down.

This connection actually is associated with the connection between our minds and “tactile sensation.” Up until recently, tactile sensation, or the act of touching an object and feeling pleasure in doing so, was perceived to only affect the most important part of the brain: the cerebral cortex. However, according to recent studies performed by Lund University, not only do other parts of the brain play a larger role in this sensation, but they also are involved in the perception of touch and the pleasure of touching certain objects over others.

With this said, your love for using paper planners to write down your schedule is actually associated with a large part of your neurological makeup and actually is one of the main reasons that your paper planners help you to feel more connected with your schedule than digital ones do.

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2. You Remember Things Better When you Write Them Down

According to recent studies, “Professionals prefer pen and paper note taking for increased productivity and retention.” Because of the effects of tactile sensation on the brain, this sense of enjoyment from using paper and writing down your notes actually helps you to memorize them, as well.

For “paper people,” writing down your notes in a notebook is far more productive than writing them out online or recording them ever could be. It also can help you to remember them and retain the information quicker. Speaking of which…

3. You Write Notes out Rather Than Typing Them

Just as you remember things better when you write them down, you aren’t afraid to write down all of your notes on paper rather than on a document or text app. This love for writing down your notes comes from the tactile sensation actually affecting the way things are stored in your mind.

When things are physically written down, you remember them for a much longer time and in a much quicker manner than if the notes were written on a computer, phone, or tablet.

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4. You Enjoy “Tactile Sensation” From Physical Copies

If you feel a certain level of enjoyment simply from interacting with physical copies of business memos, agreements, or projects – especially if they’re warm out of the copier – you may be a “paper person.” “Paper people” love the sensation of feeling smooth paper on their fingertips. In fact, it’s not just the feeling itself but actually the way this feeling interact with your brain.

For instance, when picking the right paper for the job, they will feel the paper itself and make their selection based on which feels the most high-quality. This may seem silly to someone who is not a “paper person,” but for those who are, the forethought is sure to be appreciated.

5. Your Client Appreciation Letters are Always Handwritten

This isn’t something only “paper people” should consider, but it is something most paper lovers probably do already. Instead of sending out emails or printed copies of “thank-you” notes to clients, a “paper person” sits down and writes each one by hand.

In doing so, they not only show their dedication to their business, but they are able to remember who their new and existing clients are much better. Another reason this one is especially important is because personalized client appreciation notes get attention in this digital age. They are often shared online too, making this paper-loving business professional stand out from their competitors from the start.

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6. You Prefer Handing out Physical Copies of Business Updates

Just as a “paper person” likes handing out handwritten client appreciation notes, they also like handing out physical copies of business reports and project updates. The reason for this is that emails often get lost in the mix of a salesperson or manager’s inbox.

In order to discuss subjects with their team and make sure they get noticed, successful paper-loving business entrepreneurs hand out physical copies of these updates. In doing so, they ensure each member of their team has seen the information and can bring it to future meetings without having to bring a phone, tablet, or computer to do so.