The Biggest Lie About Sustainability

You’ve more than likely heard it before. Some people like to say it straight to your face with confidence, while others only think they know about it from someone else. Either way, this lie is something nearly every business professional in modern society has heard before—and the kicker is that it’s entirely false. So, what is this lie we’re talking about? Well, it’s simple; “being a sustainable company is hard.”

With sustainability as one of the hot topics of business today, many company owners and members of the business elite are asking themselves whether they are capable of being a part of the movement. For some time now, the answer has been “not without a ton of hard work” — but this is simply not true. To prove this, let’s analyze what this lie entails, how it affects sustainability initiatives as a whole, and the actual truth for those that want to know it.

The Lie: “It’s Difficult to Become a Sustainable Company”

Despite the amazing effects sustainable efforts have already had on various aspects of our world, this lie continues to have a platform with uninformed business professionals making assumptions without tangible proof or evidence to back them.

So, how do you unpack this lie and uncover the truth beneath it? It all starts with the idea of sustainability harming big corporations and big businesses. According to the World Economic Forum, “The green economy (now widely recognized as an effective engine for sustainable growth) has an important role to play here: it can increase the share of renewable energies in the power sector, improve the efficiency of natural resource consumption, and reduce pollution.”

To most, this is nothing short of a fairy tale for our economy as well as our environment. However, to others, this means the decline of various unsustainable resources that make up our current economic structure — and their wealth.

Because these company owners and business elite don’t want to see their harmful products being removed from the market in lieu of more sustainable ones, this lie was crafted. Now, however, this lie has spread to monumental levels and has become something that even the more eco-friendly companies tend to worry about on a daily basis. So how do we, as a society, combat this assumptive behavior and create sustainable companies despite it? The answer is simpler than you may think.

The Truth About Sustainability in the Office 

Now that we’ve uncovered the basis of this lie and why it continues to gain traction in the business industry, let’s outline the truth about sustainability in the office.

Essentially, sustainability is only as hard and as expensive as you make it. There are many ways to begin implementing sustainability in your business, starting today, that are far from difficult. Furthermore, by knowing how to get eco-friendly office initiatives approved on a budget, you can also begin to implement these initiatives without breaking the bank in the process.

A good example of this is choosing to use sustainable paper, as it is better than recycled paper, leads to less paper waste over time, and provides high-quality prints for your clients and team alike. Although this sustainable initiative is simple and cost-effective, it is also extremely helpful for the environment.

Another good example is to encourage transportation alternatives in your office, such as biking, walking, or carpooling to work. These small, trips done in less harmful ways, add up. In fact, biking to work every day instead of driving could reduce CO2 emissions by anywhere between .7 to 1.9 tons in a year’s time.

With this said, the answer to nullifying the ongoing lie surrounding sustainability is as simple as proving it wrong. By choosing to be a part of the movement with your own business and choosing to showcase the results of sustainability in the office firsthand, you can help destigmatize the sustainability initiative for good and help make the world a better place each and every day.

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