How to Clear Desk Clutter & Organize Your Workspace

Where and how you work can have a significant impact on your overall productivity. Sure, you may be spending most of your day in front of a computer, but what happens around you influences your focus and work performance. Everything from the lighting in your office to the pile of documents on your desk can take a toll on your ability to complete a task.

Consider this: you spend eight or even more hours at work. Surely you want to make your office a stress-free and stimulating environment. But, where do you begin?

That’s easy: start with your desk.

Here are a few desk organization techniques that will declutter your workspace and boost your productivity:

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Look around your workspace. Is there anything that shouldn’t be there?

If there is, then remove it. Everything you put on your desk should have a practical purpose. If it’s there just for ornament or if it doesn’t help you in any way, then you should get rid of it. Sure, you can keep a picture of your family, significant other or cat but remove old notepads, sticky notes, expired hand cream lotions, outdated files, and so on.

Make Sure You Have a Trashcan Near Your Desk

If you have trouble keeping your workspace clean and tidy, then having a trashcan nearby can serve as a permanent reminder that mess is unwelcomed. Develop a habit of throwing away the things that you don’t need instead of hoarding them on your desk or in your drawers.

Organize Your Paper Clutter

We know: an office job comes with a lot of paperwork. Sooner than you may realize, the documents that you need to take care of turn into a mountain that takes up your entire desk. If that scenario sounds extremely familiar, then purchase a few folder files and binders and keep everything organized and out of your way.

Another effective way to avoid paper clutter is to consume less of it. Write on both sides when you are taking notes. Or, print double-sided documents to reduce paper consumption at the office.

You should also consider switching to responsibly-sourced paper, such as the one provided by Double A. That way you get high-quality paper that has a fantastic environmental record too. It’s a win-win situation for both your office and Planet Earth.

Separate Your Desk

Odds are you aren’t 24/7 on your computer at work. So, try dividing your workspace into two areas: one for your digital devices and one for your documents.

Here’s an example: keep everything tech-related, such as your computer, tablet, printer, and your smartphone on the left side of the desk. Stock everything else, such as your pen, paper, reading documents, and files on the right side of your desk.

That way not only that your desk will look clean and neat, but you can also focus on the specific task at hand without getting distracted by all the things around you.

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Set a Cleaning Schedule

One of the best desk organization methods is to spruce up your workspace at the end or the beginning of your day. Now, you don’t have to go overboard with it. Just set aside a couple of minutes to clean the surface of your desk and remove any unnecessary items.

By creating a schedule for cleaning your office, the chances of letting clutter build up on your desk decrease significantly.


Study after study points the fact that a clutter-free desk improves focus, creativity, and productivity. Use these desk organization techniques to create an efficient workspace and unleash your maximum capacity.