Companies Crushing It: Part 3

Environmental sustainability is important to many modern companies, and a large number of them are taking action to improve the planet and implement environmentally friendly practices. By choosing the correct companies, you can take action and help the planet as well. The third in a series, this blog explores how different companies are making a difference.

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Google is helping to implement better green energy practices and reduce reliance on fossil fuels through artificial intelligence. Using predictability models, Google is helping to schedule wind farms to deliver energy into city energy grids throughout the central United States. This energy is distributed to the grids at peak times, helping to maintain the necessary supply of energy for the cities while reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Microsoft/Long Live the Kings

Climate change has a far-reaching impact on the world, including an impact on salmon. Using a grant from Microsoft, and artificial intelligence, an organization known as Long Live the Kings has been able to compile data and answer questions about the disappearing salmon. This data could help to address serious environmental issues, such as the loss of ocean life.

Threads 4 Thought

Thrift stores are great, but if you need something new, consider a company that has environmentally friendly clothing production methods, which also aids communities in need. Threads 4 Thought uses sustainable materials to create its clothing, and the profits go toward the International Rescue Committee, which then uses the money to aid in-need communities worldwide. Threads 4 Thought also works only with factories that adhere to high ethical standards, so by supporting this company, you can support a number of good causes all at once. Check out their blog, too!


For those with young children, or expecting parents, diapers are essential! The problem is, those diapers pile up fast and create a large amount of waste that often ends up in a landfill. Fortunately, gDiapers is looking to fix that, and has a better solution to the issue of diaper disposal. gDiapers is a company that creates diapers from sustainable materials, and the diapers can then be disposed of with a simple flush (from a low flow toilet, hopefully!) while the wet inserts can be used as part of a home compost pile. You can turn your child’s waste into a sustainable resource, and cut down on the water usage of placing cloth diapers into the washing machine.


The method company is dedicated to creating cleaning and hygiene products in a sustainable way. The ingredients for their products are assessed for safety and environmental health, and they strive to reduce emissions and waste as much as possible in the production process, making investments in alternative energy and energy-efficient equipment to compensate for emissions that they cannot avoid. They also purchase renewable energy credits for their offices and manufacturing sites, and use biodiesel for a large amount of their US-based truck shipments. The next time you need soap, detergent, or just want to treat yourself to a home spa treatment, consider purchasing some products from method and treating the Earth as well.


Don’t forget about your kitchen! The bambu company produces kitchenware, such as plates, bowls, and utensils, using abundant and renewable materials. For example, there are plates, utensils, and even napkins made from, none other than, bamboo! As a bonus, these products are then compostable, allowing you to double your contribution to sustainability by composting your used materials rather than allowing them to fill up a landfill. You can even purchase travel-sized utensils, taking a sustainable option with you whenever you need to eat on the go. Take a look at their partnerships as well, and know that your money can help a great deal of environmentally-conscious organizations.


Sometimes you have to treat yourself, and altereco lets you taste some delicious chocolate without any guilt. The company obtains the ingredients for their fair trade certified chocolate from small-scale farmers, and the profits allow those farmers to improve their communities. They also introduced compostable wrappers for their chocolates, keeping waste out of landfills and using the wrappers from candy to help the Earth. With a goal of 100% sustainable packaging by the end of 2020, why not indulge your sweet tooth and help the planet at the same time?

Giving your money and time to the right businesses can make a major difference, not only for you as a consumer but for the world. If you need paper, we’ve got you covered! Double A Paper believes in sustainability, and with our sustainable production process, we help farmers, local communities, and the planet by planting saplings of the Paper-Tree!