Cut Corporate Waste with These Eco-friendly Practices

Unless governments, industries, and individuals make dedicated efforts to lower their consumption and shrink their carbon footprint, global waste will triple by 2100. The amount of garbage that human beings generate is unsustainable, and it’s killing the planet and people, too; 7 million die every year from pollution. 

Oceans are being treated like giant waste bins, and are starting to look like them, too. In the Pacific ocean, there’s a patch of floating waste twice the size of Texas, stretching over 600,000 miles. Plastics comprise the majority of the garbage patch, and unless they’re cleaned up and disposed of properly, they will break down into microplastics and wreak havoc on fish, wildlife, and ultimately, humanity.

Business owners may worry that switching their company over to greener practices may harm their bottom line, but in fact, businesses that have always prioritized sustainable practices see success over the long haul. Reports on hospitals that made the switch to greener practices saw a savings of over 15 billion dollars over the course of a decade. And, employees who work in green companies report higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

If the idea of changing to more environmentally sustainable methods has you overwhelmed, you can start with bank-account friendly baby steps for an eco-friendly office. Below are several ways to cut corporate waste with affordable and straightforward eco-friendly practices. 

Keep Informed

Education on current green and sustainable business practices is critical. Constant developments are occurring in the environmentally-friendly sphere, and if you want to give future generations a clean planet, you’ll want to keep on top of these things. Plus, newer practices in green living and business techniques become more affordable and convenient over time as processes are refined. So be sure to stay on top of environmental news and business trends.

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Encourage Recycling 

Get your employees on-board by placing clearly labeled recycling bins around the office. Put them in central rooms like the break room, and next to copiers and mailboxes. Producing waste is inevitable. But if you can encourage more people to recycle by making it convenient for them,  the less waste that will end up in a landfill or be floating around the ocean.


You probably don’t need to leave your computer and other electronics running all night when you’re out of the office. Consider unplugging after closing time. If you leave chargers plugged in even if they aren’t attached or charging anything, they’ll still draw energy. You only need to plug them in when they’re charging something. You’ll save on utility costs and the less energy you waste; the more sustainable your business will be.

Partner with Eco-friendly Businesses

Check with your current line of suppliers. Do they use eco-friendly or sustainable products and practices? How are their products sourced? If you want to build a responsible, green business, you’ll want to partner with like-minded companies.

You probably use a lot of paper products. Paper manufacturing is a labor-intensive process that if not done in an environmentally-conscious manner, can be hard on the environment and wasteful. But Double A Paper uses eco-friendly practices during the paper manufacturing process and also sources our products responsibly. If you want to build a green and eco-friendly office, contact Double A Paper today and place an order. Products are durable, double-printed, bright and crisp.