“Whose Dog Is Barking?” How to Hold Conference Calls from Home

Today’s business world is much more complex and inclusive than it used to be. More and more people leave their 9-to-5 jobs in exchange for a home office where they can focus on the projects that matter to them and work at their pace.

But, just because your office setting changed, it doesn’t mean that the way you run your business has changed as well. Conference calls, for example, are still a crucial way of securing new clients, discussing the details of a project or reviewing the results of your work.

Each meeting must reflect professionalism, and the last thing you want is to leave a bad impression. Here are some tips that can help you look like a true expert during conference calls from home.

Have a Plan

Decide the topics you will discuss during the conference call and the problem you want to solve. Neither you nor the person on the other end of the line wants to waste time blabbering on random subjects.

If you hold a video conference, consider the objects around you as well as the background noise. You don’t want to confuse or disturb people with unwanted sounds coming from your house or troubling neighbors. Look for a quiet room and make sure family members won’t bother you.

Check Your Tech

The last thing you want to happen when you are on a conference call is to lose your connection. That is why it’s paramount to make a brief analysis of each technical aspect a few minutes before starting. Check your phone, VOIP, and make sure you can make and receive calls. Verify the software as well as the websites you need to access during the conference.

Consider the Number of Members

Unlike in-person conferences, those that take place in a home office, online or by phone, are much harder to control, especially when everyone tries to impose their point of view. The chaos can install at any time. If you want your conference calls to be effective and productive, then make sure that the number of members does not exceed five or six.

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Mind Your Turn

It is very easy to venture and try to come into discussion at any time, especially when you think you are right or you feel the need to say something very important. Most of the times, however, this can only lead to disruption or long pauses of silence where no one knows what to say. Moreover, unlike a regular conference, one must concentrate more to understand what the other person has to say.

So, listen carefully to the other person’s arguments and wait for your turn to offer your input.


Use Visuals When Needed

There are times when visuals can make a conference run smoother. That’s why you should use whatever means available to enforce your ideas professionally. Paper, for example, is a very simple asset that can make your conference more productive. Nevertheless, well-thought visuals will help you communicate your ideas in a creative and fun way at the same time.

Pay attention to the quality of the paper if you are thinking of sending physical invitations to each member of the conference call or a thank-you letter after the virtual meeting. For example, if you want to make a good impression, then you should consider what Double A Paper has to offer. Their papermaking process is par excellence, and the result is high-quality responsibly-sourced paper.

Working from home is not without challenges. Hopefully, these tips will make conference calls easier to plan and manage.