What Is One Dream, One Tree?

At Double A Paper, we have a dream to plant over 500,000 trees by February 2020.

Our One Dream, One Tree initiative is a simple but powerful way to add more life-giving oxygen to the planet in a sustainable way, and supports the farmers that bring Double A Paper to life. With your help, we can reach this goal.

Want to Make a Difference?

From now until the end of February 2020, when you buy a ream of Double A Paper, a farmer will plant a tree in your honor. You can pick your favorite Thai farmer from our website and learn more about their way of life and how the Paper-Tree program helps them and their family. You’ll also be able to access photos of your growing tree!

Plus, with the first tree you plant, you’ll be entered in our sweepstakes to win a dream trip to Thailand for a 7-day, 6-night stay for you and your favorite guest! Round-trip airfare, luxurious accommodations at a 4-star hotel in Bangkok, and your chance to plant your own tree, are all included. You can explore this inviting “City of Angels,” also called the “Magnificent City of the Nine Gems,” as well as the gorgeous west coast of Krabi!

Just buy your Double A Paper, register at OneDreamOneTree.com, and start watching your trees – and the environment – flourish.

You can also plant multiple trees. We encourage it. Each time you buy a ream, a new tree can be planted for you.

The Paper-Tree: Grow More with Less

The trees that we’ll plant for you are not your average trees. Over twenty years were spent developing a tree that marries strength with sustainability. The fast-growing Paper-Tree reaches full maturity in just 3-5 years, providing ongoing incremental income for Thai farmers. Our unique system of planting maximizes space and minimizes waste by leveraging the KHAN-NA. This unused space between the rice paddies is a pathway for surveying the fields, and it’s the perfect spot to add the Paper-Tree. Not only does planting in the KHAN-NA supplement the farmers’ income, but it provides much needed shade and more oxygen.

In fact, one large tree can release enough oxygen for up to four people each day. And it will also store about 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in its fibers to mitigate the effects of this gas each year.

Going Beyond the KHAN-NA

One Dream, One Tree isn’t just a short term program. Sustainability is in our roots. The Paper-Tree produces high-quality, sustainable paper. These trees are planted by rice farmers who plant the Paper-Tree saplings on the unused land between their rice paddies called the KHAN-NA.

But we don’t stop there. Our approach helps save significant precious resources:

We leverage a 35 million cubic meter reservoir that collects natural rainwater each year that helps prevent floods and also provide 100% of Double A mill’s water requirements.
We use the biomass from Paper-Tree waste to run our manufacturing centers.
This is our twenty-eighth year (and counting) committing to sustainability and aiding the Earth, one tree at a time.

Sustainable Action

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You can truly make a difference. It all starts right here, right now. Let’s plant the seeds.