Saving Money with Sustainability

Now that the holiday season has ended, many people have set their resolutions to live in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way this year. Perhaps this piqued your interest, as you’d like to live more sustainably, but you’re worried about your budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to not only live sustainably, but save money while doing so.

Sustainable Savings

There are multiple opportunities to save money while implementing more sustainable practices in your life. Fortunately, none of these methods will require a radical change in your lifestyle. Consider making these slight adjustments to have a big impact on the environment.

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Thrift Store Shopping

Buying clothes from thrift stores is one of the most sustainable ways to do your shopping. Everyone needs clothes, but purchasing your clothes from a secondhand store can both save you money and help the environment. Because no new resources are needed, and no energy has to be used on production and shipping, the clothes you obtain from a thrift store are much better for the environment. In addition to preventing the use of resources on clothing production, you’re also preventing those clothes from ending up in a landfill, thus doubling the positive impact of your decision. On top of all that, who doesn’t love those sweet savings off of brand name clothes?

Household Water Conservation

One cannot dispute the convenience the washing machine and dishwasher have made in daily life. However, using these machines when they aren’t completely full can be a waste of energy and water. Always wait until you have a full load before turning on either machine. Not only will you save water and energy, you’ll reduce your monthly bill at the same time.
In addition to conserving water and energy by only using these machines on a full load, you can make a difference by only washing your clothes with cold water. Don’t worry, your clothes will be alright – and the Earth will thank you too. By no longer using hot water, you’re saving 90% of the energy used by your washing machine. Imagine the difference that will make if you do laundry even once a week. 

Reusable Products

By now, you’ve heard about reusable metal straws. While different companies have taken different approaches to the plastic straw issue, investing in a reusable metal straw is the best way to go. The straw is washable and reusable, and will help you save money on straws you buy for your home, which will add up in the long run. 

Other reusable products can also help you save money. Buying a refillable water bottle, rather than using plastic water bottles, will help you and the environment over time. You can also use refillable spray bottles, and fill them with homemade cleaning solutions, to save money on cleaning products and lower your impact on the environment. 

We all want to save a little money, and we can help to save the environment while we do so. At Double A Paper, we’re working to help the planet and encourage everyone to practice sustainability. Want more eco-friendly suggestions? Follow us on Facebook, where every week we post our Sustainable Sunday tip on simple ways to incorporate sustainability in your daily life.