What Does Sustainability Mean to You? Part 2

People from many different locations and walks of life previously gave us insight into what sustainability means to them. The variety of valuable, insightful responses we received inspired us to continue reaching out, and we received many more wonderful responses to share. Read the responses below and consider what sustainability means to you, and what it means to those around you.

What Does Sustainability Mean to You?

“Sustainability means, to me, to always work toward improving myself and being able to provide for my family.” – Bebelyn, 31, Tattoo Artist, Maryland

“A behavior or product where I don’t need to worry about it having a negative influence on the environment.” – Tegan, 34, SAHM, Texas

“Moderating what and how much we consume in order to enable a brighter future for the Earth and humanity.” – Matt, 42, Project Manager, Virginia

“Sustainability for me, aside from maintaining what I have for the moment, is planning and working for the future. It is because I am not living just for today. I have to forecast at least a few more years of my life, and then continuously until the end.” – Ruby, 47, Store Owner, Philippines

“Sustainability is doing things that are beneficial to the environment in the long run, even though it seems tedious at first.” – Joana, 25, Advanced Software Quality Specialist, Philippines

“Trying to use natural resources at a slower rate than they can be replenished.” – Kelly, 37, Engineer, PA

“Sustainability means just that, sustained. Our planet is our only planet so let’s keep it sustained for our future.” – Katherine, 59, Human Resources Director, Colorado

Sustainable Choices Made Every Day

Once again, respondents were asked to comment about sustainable actions they take on a daily basis. The answers that were given were inspiring, as even small changes can make big differences.

“Eating a plant-based diet and composting all possible items.” – Roxie, 27, Teacher, Pennsylvania

“I use a reusable water bottle and fill from the tap.” – Alauna, 23, CYP, Hawaii.

“I limit plastic and paper waste by using real dishes and reusable grocery bags.” – Christine, 46, Maryland

“Instead of ordering ready-to-eat foods, I tend to cook different meals to fit our budget.” – Nikki, 32, Philippines, Events Coordinator

“I use my personal water bottle. I also use my NEST thermostat to better control the energy used to heat and cool my house, and I buy local produce when I can.” – Jen, 36, Maryland, Flight Test Engineering Supervisor.

Finding Sustainable Inspiration

One of the best ways to spread the message of sustainability, and get others to join a good cause, is to have a role model that can lead the way. Participants were asked about who they look up to when it comes to being environmentally friendly and living sustainably.

“Junk shop owners, because they make a living out of the things that other people considered non-valuable.” – Raquel, 41, Philippines

“An instructor I had in college, because she forced us to think about sustainability in our daily lives.” – Aimee, 57, Wastewater Operator, Iowa

“My family. They inspire me everyday to do my best.” – Waleska, 41, P.E. Teacher, Florida

“My friend Susan. She’s been doing things to save the earth for years.” – Hazel, 58, Caregiver, Florida

“Greta Thunberg, because she’s focused.” – Leroy, 62, Lead Technician, California

The awareness of sustainability, and its importance to the planet, is spreading. As more people do their part, the planet can heal and the world can change. Remember, every little bit makes a difference, and the more you do, the more you can inspire others. See what you can do to be more sustainable in your daily life, and share your own thoughts and feelings. You may be featured in an upcoming blog post!