The Value of Trees

Every choice you make, as a consumer or business, impacts the environment. You can choose to be more sustainable and eco-friendly by supporting companies that put these values at the heart of their business. Simple changes, like using more sustainable home and office supplies, may seem small on an individual level, but have a substantial impact over time as more people and companies make these swaps. During our One Dream, One Tree campaign, when you choose a ream of Double A Paper, we will plant a tree for you.

One Dream, One Tree

Sustainability is a core belief at Double A Paper. We want to do our part. The goal of One Dream, One Tree is to plant 500,000 trees by February 29, 2020. We will plant one tree for every ream of Double A Paper sold. Double A Paper is a sustainable choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Our paper doesn’t jam printers, has a long shelf life, and absorbs ink without bleed-through. 

We work with farmers in Thailand, providing them with additional income to plant saplings of the Paper-Tree in the unused spaces between their rice-paddy fields, called the KHAN-NA. By planting saplings of the Paper-Tree, the farmers also create much-needed shade in the fields. The Paper-Tree also helps to absorb carbon from the air and produce oxygen, nature’s natural air filtration system. We want to grow more on less land and promote reforestation to help the environment and give back. 

How it Works

When you purchase a ream of Double A Paper, a sapling of the Paper-Tree can be planted. You may choose which of the Thai farmers you would like to plant a tree in your honor. Learn more about our farmers, their families, and the villages they live in. When you register on the One Dream, One Tree website, you can plant one tree for free, and see its progress during its first year of growth. It only takes three years for the trees to be fully grown.

Reforestation: The Benefits of Planting Trees

Why are we so passionate about planting trees? They’re essential for the environment, and they’re also the best chance of reducing global warming and climate change. According to, planting trees is the “best and most cost-efficient method for removing and storing consequential amounts of climate-warming carbon dioxide (CO2).” Reforestation helps to restore the lands damaged from deforestation, and helps the environment and animals by promoting biodiversity. A study found that planting trees could remove as much as two-thirds of the CO2 that humans have been putting in the air since the 1880s.

What Can You Do?

When your office needs to reorder supplies, let them know about Double A Paper. During our One Dream, One Tree campaign, each ream of Double A Paper you purchase will allow another tree to be planted. It’s a great start to make your office more sustainable. We offer a variety of stationary products for your personal and office supply needs. You can have the quality paper you need, while also making the sustainable choice. Get started today!

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