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Energy Costs vs. Natural Resources

Look around, what kinds of things surround you? Electronics, snacks, pieces of paper? These products didn’t just materialize; they were part of a long process requiring resources from around the world. Your tiny smartphone is composed of hundreds of compartments that require different metal and glass pieces that had to be mined, manufactured, and then […]

Make an Environmentally Sustainable Purchase for the Office

Many businesses have at least thought about converting to environmentally sustainable practices. Not only does this help protect the world we live in, but it helps both the business and its employees feel good knowing that trees are being used responsibly, forests are better protected, and our footprint on the world is reduced. Sustainable Paper […]

Respond to a Complaint Like a Pro

You supply the highest quality paper available. You educate the customer and help them select the best paper that meets their requirements and budget. They are sure to be happy with it. But then, the customer calls to complain. Whether it’s an actual problem with the paper or the customer expected more, there are effective […]

Productivity Guide For The Commercial Print Supervisor

Commercial print supervisors and print production managers play an integral role in the business. To be successful, these leaders must be able to problem solve and mitigate press issues with ease every day. On top of that, productivity is key when it comes to bringing the most value to the organization. The simplest setbacks can […]

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Client Relationships

A common tenet in business is that the best customer is the one you already have. Most business marketing strategies focus on scouting, prospecting, and acquiring new clients. While prospecting for new clients is an essential part of your business growth, leveraging your existing network is just as important. These actions will do just as […]

Is Your Assistant Overspending On Office Supplies?

Since office supplies are one of the most common expenditures in a business, it is no surprise that the overall costs add up in a budget. From pens, to paper, binders, paperclips, notepads, scissors, and more. Often, these expenses go somewhat untracked – and this can lead to overspending. While this may not seem like a […]

6 Continuous Learning Tools Leaders Need

Whether you own and operate a small business, or you’re a leader or executive at a larger company, continuous learning is essential for your success. When you stop learning, you stop growing – so you need to make it a point to continue your education whenever possible. We understand that a leader’s time is valuable. […]

3 Inventive Ways to Sell Slow-Moving Inventory

If you are an office supply dealer, chances are you’ve experienced this – you’re stuck with a bunch of products in inventory that you don’t need, and that are not selling. Maybe you didn’t get rid of all the Holiday decorations you stocked last season, or you’re having trouble clearing last year’s Fall/Winter themed products. […]