Make an Environmentally Sustainable Purchase for the Office

Many businesses have at least thought about converting to environmentally sustainable practices. Not only does this help protect the world we live in, but it helps both the business and its employees feel good knowing that trees are being used responsibly, forests are better protected, and our footprint on the world is reduced.

Sustainable Paper

When most people think about sustainable paper, their first thought is using recycled paper. Recycling does save energy, preserve trees, and uses less space in landfills. However, there are downsides to recycling. Paper recycling uses more energy than plastic recycling, so it is less effective. It also requires chemicals to remove ink before the paper is processed. Those chemicals and other solids (such as the ink itself and small fibers) still make their way into the landfill and potentially our water. Recycling is a good thing, even with its problems. But there are other ways to create a sustainable paper model while using high-quality paper that meets the needs of your business. 

The Alternative

Sustainability isn’t just about the environment, though that is a very large part of it. To be truly sustainable, environmental, social, and economic sustainability must work together. The best sustainability model is earth-friendly first. After that, it meets the needs of society and the economy. With the right practices, we can use trees that make high quality paper without cutting down old-growth forests that are so important to our environment. But it doesn’t end there. The trees should be harvested easily, be planted in a way and area that doesn’t interfere with nature, and use rainwater optimally. Beyond that, we should be able to make a large enough quantity to supply enough paper, and keep costs down enough to make this solution affordable.

How it Works

Double A uses a hardwood that was specifically developed to be a sustainable paper tree. Years of research created a tree that creates the highest quality pulp and has qualities that make it ideal for sustainability. The Double A Paper-Tree matures quickly, in three to five years, meaning that we don’t need to cut old growth for our paper. Uniform, consistent growth and no taproot mean easy maintenance and maximum usability. Best yet, this tree grows well in the unused crevices of rice paddies, so it doesn’t need premium space that should be occupied by the forests that protect and provide for wildlife. Fewer leaves allow sunlight to reach the rice crops.

Sustainability is important. We only have one planet to live on, and we need to use its resources wisely. With the right eco-friendly practices, we can do that, creating a better paper for a better world.