10 Reasons to Choose a 20 LB. Sheet for Your Print Shop

In the paper trade, a common way to distinguish a paper’s quality, and purpose, is in terms of weight. 

A paper’s weight refers to the weight of 500 sheets of paper that measure 17” by 22”. This is equivalent to four reams of 8.5” by 11”.  The density of paper varies, which, in turn, changes the weight of paper. A paper’s density regulates the amount of light that can pass through a sheet of paper. Denser paper sheets are heavier.

Paper Weight Basics

Heavy weighted paper is denser and more durable. The greater the weight of the paper, the thicker the paper feels. Generally speaking, heavier paper is chosen for specialized presentations, where the paper’s weight actually becomes a part of the presentation.

Lighter weight paper is typically used to make copies of internal memos, invoices or lengthy drafts and projects. Lightweight paper is a great choice for everyday tasks, like faxing or printing, etc. It is cost effective, with many eco-friendly options for green-minded thinkers.

The Advantages of a 20 Lb. Sheet Paper

Sheet paper designated as 20 Lb. paper offers consumers and businesses a viable solution that meets the needs of the end product users. 

Consider the following ten reasons why 20 Lb. paper is a smart choice.

1.  Cost Effectiveness

Twenty-pound paper is generally a lower-priced paper product. This lowered price-point is fortunate because 20 lb. paper is the workhorse of the paper world. 

2.  Versatility

The 20 Lb. paper product is considered an all-purpose choice. The strength of this paper makes it copier-friendly, printer-friendly and budget-friendly. This paper’s brightness makes it a great choice to use with both inkjet and toner printers.

3.  Accessibility

This cost-effective paper is available around the world in office supply stores, giant box-chain department stores, and even the local supermarket. Its accessibility is significant when one considers how huge the demand for 20 lb. paper is.

4.  Good for The Planet

Many paper manufacturers offer 20 lb. paper as either virgin-sourced, partially manufactured from recyclables, or completely manufactured from recyclables. Businesses who seek to reduce their carbon footprint have an opportunity to choose an all-purpose, reasonably priced paper made from sustainably sourced trees.

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5.  Archive Safe

Twenty-pound paper is often manufactured acid-free. Acid-Free paper, like Double A, prevents it from fading or turning yellow over time. Additionally, acid-free twenty-pound paper prevents the paper from turning brittle and breaking down from excessive handling.

6.  Reduces Shipping Costs

Twenty-pound paper is lighter than most other paper options. Therefore, the cost to ship it with certain carriers may be less expensive. Shipping costs impact the cost of doing business and ultimately, reduce a business’ profit.

7.  Provides Good Contrast

A paper’s brightness is a measure of the reflection of light determined by the specific wavelength of blue light. Brightness is measured on a scale of 1 to 100. Twenty-pound paper generally has a brightness factor in the 80s. As a result, images and text “pops” off the page when printed on 20 lb. paper.

8.  Reduces Costs

By choosing to use lighter paper, a business can reduce expenses, and thus, improve their profits. As noted by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Bank of America reduced their paper expenses by $500,000 annually, simply by reducing the weight of ATM paper receipts.

9.  Recyclable

Those who purchase recycled paper can complete the “recycle cycle” by recycling paper that is no longer needed. For those who want to join the eco-friendly movement for the first time, begin by starting an office-recycling project. 

10.  Smooth

Twenty-pound paper has a smooth surface touch. This allows it to successfully negotiate the convoluted gear movements required by a copier or its close cousin, the printer. As a result, office copier repairs bills are reduced, because the 20 lb. paper jams less.

Don’t forget OK Go’s Obsession for Smoothness! 

A paper’s weight provides a perceptible presence. This ultimately adds to the impression made by the final product. For everyday tasks, 20 lb. paper is a prudent choice. Understanding how a paper’s weight impacts the final product is imperative for both printing and paper professionals.