The Truth Behind Sustainable Paper

If one understands the concept of sustainability, then its significance should be abundantly clear. Sustainability is required if we are to heal the earth, and support our quality of life today, and in the future.

Sustainability has no finish line as it supports the notion of eternity. Consider it a cyclical, worthwhile, never-ending journey. As stewards of the earth’s limited resources, corporations and consumers must consciously choose to connect with the spirit of Earth Day founder’s Gaylord Nelson’s insight: 

The Ultimate Test Of Man’s Conscience May Be His Willingness
To Sacrifice Something Today For Future Generations,
Whose Words Of Thanks Will Not Be Heard.

The concept of sustainability illustrates a fiduciary approach to conservation. In fact, it’s a choice each of us will likely face on a personal level at some point in life. Adhering to the constructs of sustainability requires today’s decision-makers to consider how their decisions will impact future generations.

Baby Boomers and Millennials are not the first generation to raise concerns regarding irresponsible and careless manufacturing standards that unnecessarily deplete earth’s resources. They are, however, the first generation to take advantage of incredible technological advances that allows them to spread the message with just a click. 

Sustainability and the Paper Industry

The narrative that follows examines the paper industry’s relationship with the concept of sustainability. Keep in mind that the paper and packaging sector is far-reaching, massive and often misunderstood by green-minded folk.

First though, it is important to dispel one of the most erroneous myths regarding the use of paper. Naysayers claim that paper (and print) is essentially wasteful. This statement is far from the truth.

In fact, paper originates from infinitely renewable resources, i.e. trees. Therefore, it is considered sustainable and can be manufactured using sustainable practices like generating bio fuels and responsibly harvesting trees, which are carbon-neutral and ozone-friendly.

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The Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability mindfulness affects agriculture practices, climate change, reckless waste and water over usage. Its fundamental elements include:

  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Protection
  • Social Development

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, The anticipated 2020 global population will reach approximately 7.5 billion people. This estimated population is three times the size of the population in the mid 20th century. This statistic alone should be powerful enough to convince environmentally conscious corporations (and consumers) to recognize that in the not to distant future, Mother Earth’s cupboards will be bare.

Sustainability Inspires Creative Thinking

Creative thinking, or as it is sometimes called, innovation, involves three distinct segments: Creativity, Development and Implementation. Innovation can be divided into two factions:

  • Upstream Thinking requires redefining existing, irresponsible policies and replacing them with new eco-friendly alternatives. 
  • Downstream Thinking generates more efficient scales of economy.

Over the past few decades, paper manufacturing has designed a variety of manufacturing methods to meet their newly defined sustainable objectives.

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Sustainability and the Consumer

To accomplish the difficult task of getting through to the public, sustainability messengers must make certain that the earth’s citizens understand that value in making sustainable purchases. For sustainability to continue its healing power, the general public must do their research and then send their message to the manufacturers by using their powerful purchasing power. 

The Bottom-Line

While corporations dedicate their paper-sourcing responsibility to an upper level manager trained for this decision-maker role, small business owners must find sustainable paper to meet their needs. Ideally this will come from a company who provides budget-friendly options for small orders such as Double A.