5 Benefits of Having a Sustainable Paper Supplier

Hundreds of billions of dollars per year are lost to the effects of climate change. Humanity’s foray into the industrial revolution, while it lifted millions out of poverty, has become unsustainable. Humanity doesn’t have to go back to the hunter-gatherer days to protect the Earth, but humans do need to the create and implement sustainable living practices to combat the ills of global warming and climate change.

Businesses can do their part by adopting supplies of goods that are sourced and maintained in an environmentally responsible way. But protecting the environment and supporting local economies doesn’t have to sacrifice the quality of goods. Double-A Paper is leading the way in sustainable business practices that are earth-friendly while still being able to manufacture a high-quality product. Below are 5 benefits you’ll experience when you obtain a sustainable paper supply for your business. 

  1. Reputation and Brand Image 

Consumers are more sophisticated than ever before, and they also expect brands and businesses to source their products responsibly. By adopting modern business practices that appeal to consumers’ values and sensibilities, you’ll attract loyal customers to your brand. 

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  1. Reduce Cost

70% of the total waste in offices is attributed to paper waste. Paper is wasted when printers jam or copiers are unable to render crisp and accurate prints, or double-sided paper is see-through and sloppy looking. Double-A Paper is made with no acid, and it also has a low-ash count. Printers won’t jam, and copiers move smoothly and stay productive. Double-A Paper is thick and opaque so that you can print on both sides without the see-through feel. 

  1. Attract Talent

The younger generation is more likely to look at how a business obtains their supplies when they are looking for an employer. If you want to attract young talent and add to your team with engaged employees, you’ll want to make getting a sustainable paper supply for your business a priority. 

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  1. Comply with Regulations

Because climate change is such a threat to the future stability of humankind, governments are starting to enact legislation that aims to reduce industry’s impact on the environment. You’ll want to obtain sustainable paper supplies and adopt environmentally friendly practices to keep in line with any future and current regulations.

  1. Become an Industry Leader

Industry leaders are starting to adopt sustainable business practices and lead the charge in supporting the environment and local economies. If you want to be seen and known as a leader in your industry, you can start by obtaining sustainable paper supplies and products for your business. 

Double-A manufactures paper products that are responsibly sourced from the beginning. Double-A has their own tree, reservoir, and manufacturing plant that is 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable. No water or part of the tree is wasted, and everything is converted into biomass fuels which sustain the Double-A manufacturing plant. Double-A also pays farmers and local schools to plant and maintain the trees, which gives back to the local economy and supports the education system. 

If you want to become a modern business while still using and benefiting from high-quality paper products, contact Double-A today and see what we can do for your business.