The Case for Sustainable Paper at the Law Firm

The legal field generates massive amounts of paper use, and unfortunately, a lot of paper waste. Estimates claim that the average law firm loses 7,000 dollars per year to paper waste. In order to counter the impact of an overflowing recycling bin, law firms can make the switch to sourcing paper that is environmentally responsible, while still being of high-quality and durability. 

Why should law firms care about paper?

Most legal correspondence is conducted on paper. It’s not possible for data, privacy, and logistical reasons for law firms to go digital on most of their communications. Plus, being in the legal field carries an air of gravitas not found in most other professions. It’s essential for a law firm to come across professional and sophisticated, and communicating with clients on high-quality paper will sustain or improve a law firm’s reputation. Not to mention, legal documents need to last for years. Printing critical legal documents on durable paper is more sustainable for the law firm and its clients than printing important documentation on flimsy paper.

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Why should a law firm care about the environment? 

The legal field and law firms generate more paper use than most other professions. With such a high need for paper products, law firms should do their part to source paper that is environmentally friendly and isn’t harsh on the environment. Law firms and businesses with a high need for paper usage need to start at the very beginning of the process and obtain their paper products from companies that manufacture paper pulp in an environmentally-conscious way.

Estimates show that the paper and pulp manufacturing industry is one of biggest water users and polluters. It devastates forests and leads to higher emissions of greenhouse gases. But, there are innovative companies with an eye for the future and a heart for the earth and local economies who are reinventing the way paper is sourced and manufactured.

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How can Double-A Paper meet an environmentally-conscious law firm’s needs?

Double-A Paper starts at the beginning of the paper manufacturing process and has fundamentally changed the way the industry harvests paper for a variety of businesses and needs. Double-A plants their very own tree, the Double-A Paper-tree. This tree is smooth-trunked and matures every 3 – 5 years. The tree does not shed a lot of leaves which decompose and can harm the soil.

These Paper-trees are planted on unused farmland, and in between rice paddies. Farmers are paid to maintain and harvest the trees. Also, schools plant the Double-A trees on their grounds. When harvest time comes, Double-A pays the school for the mature trees. The school then takes the proceeds and invests it back into the classroom and the students’ educations.

Double-A also has invented a process where none of the pulp from the trees is wasted. All ‘waste’ is turned into biomass fuels that power the manufacturing plant, so the process is entirely self-sustainable.

Our reservoir, Emerald Lake, collects water during the rainy season that fuels our trees, manufacturing plant, and the local community. During the manufacturing process, excess water is squeezed from the pulp and reused.

The final product is perfect for law firms. Our paper is bright, crisp, and highly durable. In an independent test, Double-A papers were run through a printer at one sheet per second for a total of 24 hours. There wasn’t a single jam.

If you want to support the environment, local economies, and conduct correspondences on durable and sleek paper, contact Double-A today and see which of our products is best for your law firm.