Prevent Paper Jams at Home

Nothing is more irritating than trying to print an important document at home, only to have it jammed at the last minute. While printer paper jams are common, they’re nonetheless frustrating when you are in the middle of an important deadline. And it’s definitely not convenient to take time out of your busy schedule to visit a copier in town. So, how can you prevent paper jams at home? Start with these tips below.

Printers are Precise

Your printer uses streamlined, sophisticated technology. If even one little, insignificant thing is off, the machine won’t work. You have to make sure all of the inputs are correct before you attempt to print or copy a document.

While it’s true that a higher quality machine will be more durable than a less expensive one, jams and malfunctions still occur regardless of how much money you spent to purchase the device. All printers work with roughly the same technology. If your printer has jammed or malfunctioned, try these steps and see if you can get it up and running again.

Check the Load 

If papers are placed into the loading tray incorrectly, or there are too many pages in the loading tray, the printer can jam. Sometimes, sheets can stick or fold together or even fray. Any of these instances can cause a jam, and in fact, an incorrectly loaded paper is the most frequent cause of printer malfunctions. Also, if you use the wrong kind of paper, you can cause a printer jam. Make sure that the paper you’re using isn’t too thick for your printer or copier.

Damaged Rollers

The roller is the mechanism that the printer uses to pull sheets in from the input or loading tray. All rollers wear out over time, but you can speed up the process of decay by using poor quality paper, a paper that’s the wrong size, or by shoving way too much paper into the input tray.

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Wrong Ink

Always use the correct ink for your printer to prevent paper jams at home. Poor quality ink can leak or leave behind splotches and splashes in the machine that can cause it to stick or malfunction.

Low-Quality Paper

Incorrectly sized and low-quality paper can cause printer jams. Cheap printer sheets leave behind either pieces of the paper in the machine or dust particles. Over time, the dust will accumulate in the machine. You can’t see the dust, but it’s there jamming up the mechanisms inside the printer. To prevent printer jams at home, always invest in high-quality paper. Your printer won’t jam, saving you time and money in the long-run. Also, a high-quality paper will give you crisper, brighter images and text. High-quality paper will stand the test of time. Prints won’t fade or lose their integrity as the years pass.

If you want to experience high-quality printer paper that doesn’t jam, give Double A Paper a try. In an independent test, our papers were run inside a high-speed copier at one page per second for a day straight. The machine didn’t jam once. Double A Paper won’t tear or leave behind tiny dust particles that can upset the delicate machinery inside a printer or copier.

If you invest in a high-quality paper for your at-home print jobs, you’ll save yourself time and frustration by preventing paper jams. And fewer jams means you’ll prolong the shelf-life of your printer or copier. Try Double A Paper today risk-free.