Solve Your Paper Sourcing Challenge

Instead of handwriting a letter to a friend, it’s more common to send a text message or email. In an effort to reduce paper costs, schools, offices, and companies turn towards digital forms of communication like PDFs and eBooks where they once would have printed handouts and fliers on sheets of paper. Organizations and businesses have gone paperless, resulting in the paper industry contracting. The demand for paper dropped, and as one of the basic principles in economics teaches us, so did supply. Where does that leave those who need paper for their business? Without the right supplier, it can be difficult to find high-quality and readily available paper, and even harder to find a supplier that is eco-friendly. Double A paper solves your paper sourcing needs by providing premium paper that is also sustainable.

Where Have the Mills Gone?

Paper mills are now few and far between. Before the age of the computer, paper was incredibly important to our society. It was how we communicated, learned, and created. Instead of jotting down notes on our iPhones, we made lists in notebooks or scrap paper. The slowing demand for paper has put many paper mills out of business. The mills that succeeded and are still around today have found it to be more profitable to focus on packaging, as the e-commerce boom has created a great need for quality paper-based packaging for big-named companies like Amazon and Walmart. Fewer mills are focusing on creating just paper, which can make it more expensive and harder to find if you don’t know where to look.

Green is Good

Today paper is seen as a less environmentally friendly choice. People associate paper with cutting down trees. People incorrectly think that all mills use traditional logging methods and need to source their trees from natural forests. Paper hasn’t classically been the sustainable choice. Double A paper changes the idea of what a paper mill is by implementing sustainable farming and using innovative methods to source the trees for their paper. Their unique methods make paper that is not just sustainable and eco-friendly but also high quality.

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The Solution to Your Paper Sourcing Challenge

Sustainability from the Very Beginning

Double A starts with the innovative Double A Paper Tree. Double A gives farmers in Thailand the opportunity to supplement their income by planting these paper trees in the unused spaces between their rice paddy fields. This space is called KHAN-NA. The trees are easy to maintain and only take between three to five years to mature. They do not disrupt the rice paddy fields and even give the farmers some much-needed shade. It’s a win-win.

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Uncompromising Quality

The Double A Paper Tree isn’t just sustainable, it’s also able to produce a high-quality paper. The combined sustainability and quality easily solve your paper-sourcing challenge. Double A paper has a 30 million per gram fiber count for superior formation. Whether printing in black and white or color or making copies, the high-density, low-ash surface makes for bright and sharp prints with excellent contrast and fade resistance. Double A paper won’t jam the copier and works great for double-sided prints, as there is no show through. Your papers will stand the test of time.

Double A paper solves the challenge of paper sourcing in the modern era. Individuals and companies can have the high-quality paper they need while staying environmentally conscious. Double A paper is widely available and offers a variety of products from everyday paper (available in cut sizes), roll and folio, as well as stationary product. Many businesses and organizations rely on paper. Double A solves the need of offering a modern paper that uses technology to maximize quality and sustainability while being affordable and easy to find.