5 Ways to Repurpose Your Double A Packaging

Upcycling is a way to creatively reuse a by-product or good that would be alternatively thrown out.  The materials are used to create something that has a higher value than the original.  Double A paper is centered around sustainability, reducing waste, and recycling whenever possible.  This mentality can be extended to customers by finding ways to repurpose your Double A Paper packaging and turn it into a fun project.

 Five Ways to Repurpose Your Double A Paper Packaging

  1. Affordable Planter

Double A Paper packaging uses high-quality paper for its cardboard, which makes it ideal for crafting as these boxes are structurally sound.  You can repurpose your Double A packaging into a planter by cutting it into the size you need and then lining it with a plastic bag.  Use tape to reinforce the seams and corners. Poke holes in the bottom of the plastic lining, about every four inches.  You can then add potting soil (leave about one inch of the top of the box free). All you need to do is add your plants!

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  1. Free Cat Scratcher

Two things cats love are boxes and scratching. Scratchers from the pet store can be expensive, especially if your cat goes through them often.  Double A packaging can be turned into a cat scratcher with just a little bit of hot glue.  Take your box apart and use scissors or a straight edge to cut 2-inch strips longways into the box. Next make vertical cuts through the top layer of the cardboard strips, down the entire length (about 1/4 inch apart), so it can be folded. Start rolling the cardboard tightly into a spiral, adding bits of hot glue down the middle.  When you finish a section, add hot glue to the end and then add another piece of cardboard, continuing to roll and glue. You can make it as big or small as you want.

  1. Classy Coasters

You can make fun square or circular coasters using Double A packaging. Cut out the shapes you want and then decorate with ink stamps, custom drawings using a permanent marker, patterned duct tape, or yarn or rope using hot glue.  If you’re going to give them as a gift, bind them together with a piece of twine for a rustic look.

  1. Gift Tags

Cardboard is easily transformed into cute gift tags that are perfect for holidays and birthdays. All you need are scissors, a hole punch, hole reinforcements, string/twine/yarn, and any stamps, stickers, or decorations you want to add.  Simply cut your cardboard into classic or innovative gift tag shapes, punch a hole in one side, put a hole reinforcer on each side of the hole, and use a bit of string or yarn to thread through the hole so you can connect it to the gift.

  1. Organizers

Sturdy cardboard makes great organizers of any size.  You can use the box as is, with just a cutout and use it for files, folders, or magazines, or get creative. Boxes can be made bigger or smaller with scissors or glue.  Add your designs or cover with decorative paper.

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How will you reuse your Double A Paper Packaging? The Double A box itself is eco-friendly, made from the sustainable farming practices of the Double A Paper Tree.  Cardboard is an excellent material as it is durable and holds its form better than the average piece of paper.  Cardboard is a main-staple in DIY projects and crafts for its versatility.  While your Double A packaging can be recycled and already has a low carbon footprint, you can repurpose it and use the same materials to create something awesome!