How to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

How many times after a busy week of meetings did you end up with a pile of unoriginal business cards soon to hit the trash? Because they did a poor job at communicating any essential or interesting information about the business, you either throw these cards away or stash them in a desk drawer and forget about them.

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Now, imagine the same thing happening to your business cards. You probably don’t want the people who receive them to toss them away or forget about them completely.  

So, here are some design tips to make your business cards stand out from the crowd.

Use Color Combinations

Psychologists have found that colors can engage our attention, memory, and cognitive functions. In other words, prospects are more likely to remember your business cards if you use vivid colors instead of a dull white slate.

Here’s an idea: try to use the same color tones from your website to maintain consistency. Or you could pair complementary colors or use a bright color on a white background to make your cards memorable.

Use a Catchy Quote to Supplement Your Information

Another way to personalize your business cards is to write a memorable phrase on the back of it. It’s impossible not to find a proverb or quote that matches your company’s mission. Or better yet, use your company slogan and engrave it on the card.

Be creative with the way you present the information on your business card. For example, instead of the traditional phone number and address, mention your Twitter handle or your website. Prospects are more likely to check your social media platforms or website rather than calling or visiting your headquarters.

Experience the Double A Difference

Think Beyond the Standard Size

The standard business card size is 3.5 by 2 inches. Choosing a slightly different size will help your card stand out from the stack and catch the eye of your prospects. You can make it a bit larger than the usual, or push the boundaries even further by using different shapes.

For example, you can have your cards printed in perfect squares instead of the usual rectangles. Or you could design half-height mini cards. Play around with the size and shape of your business cards and see how prospects respond to them. Sure, you do want to stand out, but you don’t want to make the wrong impression.

Consider an Embellishment

Print embellishments catch attention and add a memorable element to a printed piece. There are many ways to create a unique business card with embellishments like foil stamping, varnish, gloss aqueous, UV spot treatment, or embossing.

Challenging the way you design your business cards and coming up with new and innovative ideas is an excellent way to keep your business on top of your audience’s mind. You don’t want to be just another card tossed in the trash, right? So, think about how you can make an instant and lasting connection with your prospects.

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