10 Truths of an Eco-Conscious Office Manager

“Going Green” can seem like a huge task for businesses, but when broken down into smaller steps and initiatives, it creates innovation and breathes life into a company. Eco-conscious business practices are becoming more and more important in the business world, as consumers want to choose companies that mirror their own philosophies on sustainability. Becoming greener is a way to stay modern while reducing waste (and costs!).

10 Truths of an Eco-Conscious Office Manager

     1. Sustainability is a Way of Life

It’s important as an office manager to be eco-conscious in every aspect of the job. It’s critical to ask “is this the most sustainable choice?”  Even when trying to be as eco-conscious as possible, stick to budgets and branding.

     2. Start Small

The job of an office manager often has many facets and roles. It could be ordering cups for the kitchen one week to planning a happy-hour the next. Sustainability doesn’t have to happen overnight. For example, it can be small steps such as ordering compostable plastic utensils for an office party instead of regular plastic.

     3. Many Choices Are Behind the Scenes

As an office manager, I work a lot behind the scenes. A simple choice of buying snacks or office supplies in bulk can help the company be eco-friendlier without negatively affecting my fellow colleges. Trading single-use packaging for sugar, salt, cream, etc. for full-size versions helps reduce waste easily.

4. Simple Swaps

Once you start viewing your job as an office manager through an eco-conscious lens, you’ll begin to notice how easy it is to make simple swaps to make the office greener. Instead of your everyday paper, try Double A paper, a product and company that are centered around sustainability.

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5. Be Open to Innovation

Corporate sustainability is a great way to promote new ideas and growth.  It allows a business to continually ask themselves “how could I be doing this better?” There are always ways to cut down on waste, which helps increase profits!  Don’t be afraid as an eco-conscious office manager to think outside the box.

6. Think Globally, Act Locally

Every action counts, no matter how small.  Whether you’re an office manager of a small independent business or a multi-national corporation, it’s important to give back to your community!  At Double A, the 1 Dream 1 Tree program highlighted sustainable farming practices and connected the community by donating one tree for every ream of paper purchased during the program.

7. Engage Employees

Employees need to be involved with sustainability and invited to come up with new ideas on how to promote sustainability.  Once sustainability becomes a part of the business, employees can feel involved and encouraged by the promise of going green.

8. Choose other Eco-Friendly Businesses

As an office manager, every purchasing decision is an opportunity to support other sustainable or local businesses. Going Green doesn’t have to be a sacrifice on quality. Double A paper is sustainable, while also being high quality.

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9. It’s Never All or Nothing

When you’re an eco-conscious office manager, it’s easy to want to overhaul the business overnight. It’s important to remember to take small steps and not have an “all or nothing attitude.” It can take time to get everyone on-board with sustainability and help make it a core value of a business.

10. Incentivize Sustainability

There are little things you can do as an office manager to incentivize sustainability in the workplace.  For example, you can replace single-use plastic water bottles with branded reusable water bottles that your coworkers can fill at a cooler and proudly tote in the office.